Best Dell Laptops For Any Budget In India

by Nov 20, 2019

With the introduction of several technologies, smartphones have come a long way. The specifications of smartphones have grown a lot in recent past that it has come equivalent to the specifications of laptops but the need for the laptops cannot be overshadowed by smartphones. Laptops are useful in day-to-day activities and for other purposes as well.

So the right choice of a laptop is an essential aspect as the technology always introduces something new you never know and to be aware and to have the knowledge of technology nowadays is a must. Laptops have played an important role in the upliftment of technology as with the help of these we can easily carry loads of technology within our bags.

With all the classifications coming in the laptops the difficulty of customers have risen, but on the other hand it can be considered as an upper hand as now customers can spend the amount of money according to their needs, as a gamer will buy a laptop perfectly suited for gaming, a businessman will buy a laptop that fulfills his work and needs. So in the bigger picture, we can say that whatever is done, it is very useful for every individual.

The Best Dell Laptops

1. Dell Vostro 3568

Dell Vostro 3568
  • Considerably low price
  • Touchpad looks good
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Spongy keyboard
  • Bad build quality
  • GPU inefficient.



A 15.6 HD LED Display screen and an anti-glare screen that comes with a brilliant display and a great resolution. Dell Vostro 3568 is a stylish and amazingly designed notebook with good picture quality. The laptop is well-equipped for gaming, surfing, and watching videos which gives an amazing experience. In its memory part, it has a storage of the hard drive of 1TB and an 8 DDR4 RAM that does not create a problem in storing any kind of data.

All the features that we discussed above make sure that we can properly use the device without any hassle as this laptop gives a whole lot of features and specifications. The processor gives a lot of good options as many things can be performed with ease and smoothness. The graphics cards present also allows gaming be an integral part of computer as it makes gaming a real experience and other multi-tasking as well.


A well-structured model with a brilliantly designed big display screen and is considered as a worth-buying model as it displays some really cool features that one can get at such price listing. The memory also has brilliant storage capabilities as it consists of such powerful hardware that can contain lots of data.

One big thing that makes it a preference in this segment of the laptops is its price structure as it has an attractive price which allows the customers to get such specifications in a pocket-friendly rate. The battery also is immaculate as it can serve a good time surfing or browsing over the internet. With its touchpad being so comfortable it feels really good to use it and the keyboard is also pretty soothing to the hands which is a good insertion.

Our Thoughts

Talking about the quality, Dell has not compromised in providing the best quality features, specifications although the designing i.e. the build quality is not supreme. But all we need in a laptop is good specifications good price and a compatible user interface which is all available in this model. So it is in whole a good option to try to buy this piece by Dell.


When we review the previous model Vostro 3559 of this series we do not go too far ahead as it was a disappointing model. This one can be considered a bit of up-gradation from its previous model as it has some good display screen qualities, a brilliant battery that lasts for a longer period of time. All these features and specification makes it worth a buy in this price range.

On the other hand, it seems to have inherited some poor qualities as well such as poor build quality, a spongy keyboard which does not allow a good feel in typing. The display is brighter than many of its models and for business and day-to-day activities, this model is not at all a bad deal.

2. DELL Inspiron 3567

Dell Inspiron 3567 Intel Core i3 7th Gen
  • Pleasant keyboard.
  • Energy-efficient CPU.
  • PWM is of high frequency.
  • Poor full HD display.
  • Limited storage option.



Another business-oriented or even a school-oriented laptop is Dell’s model Inspiron 3567. Dell has made its market pretty carefully as it has started understanding the basic needs of people. Price is considered as one of the basic necessities of customers and Dell has successfully targeted this as this model is likable only because of its price tag.

A decent-sized display screen that has Core i5 CPU supported by 4GB RAM is the only thing that a mediator user of laptop needs. The designing is evocative of the older Inspiron model with some slight changes which cannot be seen much. Although done with all the durability tests, this model is made up of plastic.

1. Overview

The Dell Inspiron 15 uses 64-Bit windows 10 which is the latest one. Drivers are pre-installed which makes it easier to use the laptop further. With over 5 Hours working battery that contains usage of browsing, streaming videos it can be considered a good battery with decent backup.

With Intel Core i5 CPU clocked at 2.5GHz is based on a type of architecture brings a small performance increase and bump in power consumption. Graphics are supported by Intel integrated HD Graphics 520. Gaming is not so impressive as it is able to support the games in low resolutions which makes gaming a mixed bag of experience.

2. Our Thoughts

A laptop being in the budget segment not only means that it is good, but it also has to contain some good specifications and other things, but this is not the case with this model as this model suffers from a lower quality hardware performance and lower build quality, which can arise some really good questions before buying it, which the company might have thought while manufacturing.

The displays and the material used to produce are also not up to the mark which makes the preference of this model less. The limited storage options make it difficult to choose this model as storage is used for storing a whole lot of important documents.

3. Verdict

The price range in which a customer needs to buy a laptop is one of the most important aspects. And if the laptop has a low price then it is a natural thing that we should not expect something unique in that, as at a certain price we get only limited specifications, features. Having a look at this model from Dell is the perfect match for minor users as it is not that well-equipped. It can satisfy the needs up to the college-going student, surely not more than that.

The battery life is still something that is good in this as it can provide some good browsing time to the user for nearly 4-5 hours. The removability of the keyboard is also a thing that can be admired in this model as it becomes easy to clean. Coming with only 2 storage options and not that great in performance. Heating is not a problem with this as its temperature rarely passes above 30 degrees.

3. Dell Vostro 3468

_Dell Vostro 3468 Intel Core i3 7th Gen 14-inch Laptop
  • No heating problems
  • Good battery backup.
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Build quality not up to the mark.
  • Heavyweight.
  • No battery indicator.



An intel i3 7th generation processor comes with a 14-inch display screen. On its memory, it is armed with 1TB of a hard drive with a DDR4RAM variant that enables an ample amount of storage. It dons away such features that make the performance an easy job. And one of the important things required in a laptop is simply the processing to be fast, a decent RAM and a decent display size. It also consists of some connectivity options. Laptops are one of the gadgets that hugely helped in the advancement of technology and carry a whole lot of features with us anytime, anywhere.

1. Overview

An anti-Glare LED backlight display which has a 14-inch screen is a perfect choice for a laptop. The benefit of the Anti-Glare display is very much as it emits a low light which may be a relief for the eyes. A lighted keyboard makes it look more eye-catching along with perfectly spaced keys that offer good typing speed.

Another uniqueness of this model is its fingerprint sensor that makes its security more secure, and easy to unlock. Powered with energy-efficient, ultra-low-voltage processors of the 7th generation is also a brilliant update. Given with 2 USB ports and an SD Card slot is good. For the perfect storage of important documents, it gives a storage option of 1TB.

2. Our Thoughts

What exactly a word comes to mind when someone thinks of a laptop? It is the processor that is the heart of the laptop because without it no one can perform any kind of activity without a proper processor. With it, there are many things that help in determining the quality of a product. The Dell Vostro 3468 is a good model considering the people that use it for small purposes and that do not use the laptops for gaming and multitasking as it is not that featured. So after all the calculations and summarization, it is a worthy piece in this segment with a good brand name.

3. Verdict

A reliable and brilliant designed laptop is what is the new Dell Vostro 3468 which is highly impressive and satisfies the needs of customers with good day-to-day activities that are to be performed. A fingerprint sensor is also included in this model which is quite rare in this price segment of laptops. But for real gaming and quick multi-tasking, it can create some problems so another option might be a handful for gaming. And with the kind of pricing strategy, Dell has been on top of this lower segment laptops.

4. Dell Inspiron 15 5567

Dell Inspiron 15 5567
  • Decent build.
  • Good input devices.
  • Long browsing battery runtimes.
  • No keyboard backlit.
  • GPU turns hot



Dell, a leading laptop seller in Indian markets and has got a brand trust as it has been in the race of this product and field for a long period of time now. Dell has introduced a few new updates in its Inspiron series with the new Intel 7th generation processors and powerful discrete graphics card. Also, the display consists of an IPS Display which comes very rare in this budget. Dell has done a really good job of making its market and especially building trust within the people of their quality of products.

1. Overview

Almost a reminder of previously produced machines from Dell. With a fairly thin, tight build and good input devices. With its logo on its center, the plastic build body is not so attractive but the scratches and smudges do not appear with the kind of brightness it has. The surface is quite pleasant to touch without any kind of flexing and bending. With some mixed thoughts comes the keyboard of this laptop, the backlit lighting is missing.

The layout was more disturbing that the light issue as they come with more spacing due to their small size that might be the priority of many of the customers. So if a brand tries to give the smaller and smooth keyboard more will be liked by the people. The motherboard offers two RAM Slots as one unit comes with single Hynix 16GB DDR4 chip whereas the other remains free.

A 15.6-inch display with comfortable viewing and a good resolution is a thing to be appreciated with wide viewing angles, above-average color coverage is a good option of a laptop in this range. Working on 64-Bit Windows 10 is a good and new update to the model. The most important part of the laptop i.e the battery is rated at 42Wh. A good charge provides a high time of browsing and surfing on the internet but may concern a bit in video playback as it may drain quickly. This kind of battery can be accepted in these kinds of models.

2.Our thoughts

A perfect mid-ranger for a mediocre user or for a daily work purpose. A mid-ranger usually does not consist of such features as it may only include a powerful battery or a medium kind of a processor. But if we have a deep look at this laptop then we may find out that the model by Dell is good in terms of money, in terms of technology, in terms of everything as we cannot say that we wasted the money that we invested in this model. From the display, battery, hardware, software, storage is can be perfectly named as a complete package and will be worth giving it a try.


Cool aesthetics and build, the Dell Inspiron 5567 is one of the most balanced mid-range solutions. A decent touchpad and a comfortable keyboard a decent model has created a huge impact on the market. The stand out of this laptop is its display screen size and the kind of display that is used is something that can fascinate you as a buyer in buying this. The low-priced specifications in this laptop make it even more competitive in nature. With all these reviews and insights we can say its a perfect match within budget.

5. Dell Vostro 15 3580

Dell Vostro 15 3580 (Intel Core i5-8265U
  • Excellent battery run time.
  • The display screen doesn’t use PWM for regulating brightness.
  • Subpar image quality.
  • The cooling fan doesn’t stop spinning.
  • Unsatisfactory keyboard.



Dell is considered one of the most popular brands of Laptops in India as it has been in this sector for a long period of time and now it is producing some outstanding products. Especially the lower ranges of the laptops are captured by Dell but it also has made its mark in the under 50000 range and is doing considerably well in this also.

Laptops have been one of the finest inventions from technology and to produce the quality of laptops there have been few brands that have taken it forward quite well. Also with the introduction of smartphones, sales of laptop have dipped a bit but laptops are useful in their own way as the things that a laptop can do it cannot be done with smartphones. Considering the price range of a laptop, the specifications should also be equipped parallel to that as the main part of a laptop is the specifications that the model carries.

1. Overview

A 2.28Kg weighted notebook by Dell is a brilliantly designed model with a display screen of 15.5-inches. With a good display size, it showcases some excellent specifications with a Core i5 processor type and coupled with 8GB RAM. Running on Windows 10 Home Basic operating system.

Powered with an HD graphic card 620. The latest games may run with this in slightly lower resolution. Non-professional gamers may like the Laptop at this costing. Based on Intel Core i7, the base clock speed is relatively lower but it consists of a turbo boost that may help the core clock up to 3.2GHz. It consists of four core of 1.8GHz to 4.6GHz which have the earlier mentioned turbo boost mode. So with a good display, decent core and a nice model for gaming make it an attractive model that can be thought of buying.

2. Our Thoughts

Needs of a customer is the thing that all the technology manufacturer looks when they produce any item and for sure it is the main thing as the customers are the only ones who will use their products and if they are not satisfied with all factors then there is no point manufacturing it. And Dell has done a good job in this area, as it is able to understand the market situation and further responds accordingly.

Dell Vostro 15 3580 is a perfect example, though it has some contradictions as well but it can be absorbed as the contradiction gets overshadowed by many positives present such as price, core performance, display and others. So the ones looking for a mediocre laptop may have a look at this decent model.

3. Verdict

With the market getting so competitive the margin for errors is becoming so less that even a small specification or one factor can bring down the sales. But this model is a good option in the mid-range as it dons away the Core i7-7500U which makes it more likable. Everything seems so cheap. Getting on to its battery backup capabilities it runs for quite a bit of time which is considerably good.

The display screen is the only good thing but the view inside the display is not much inspiring as it showcases some poor viewing angles, low brightness, low contrast, and bad color reproduction. Some of the things may worry in this model after buying but in the long term thinking its worth.

6. Dell Inspiron 5559

Dell Inspiron 5559
  • Durable look and design
  • The keyboard lets a lot of comforts
  • Good temperatures even at a high load.
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Arrow keys not perfectly designed



What does a perfect laptop need it requires few good qualities that will help in attaining a pre-determined goal of the customers. A leading Laptop seller in the Indian market is surely a brand that is doing some good things in its respective field. Dell has been one such brand that has helped to shape the Laptop industry in Indian markets. With so many competitors having perfect balancing is a big thing.

Customer satisfaction also plays a big role in the commencement of the business and Dell has been serving the Indian markets for a long period of time and has been producing some fine quality products with minimal rates. With technology going so further it is very difficult to cope up but both the brand and the customers have done it very nicely. Laptops are indeed the best options in computers as we can carry them around in our bags without any hassle.


Designing as simple as possible. The lid so beautifully textured that it feels very smooth to touch and all other things are comprised in the designing of the Dell Inspiron 5559. It has a very simple but elegant look that makes the lappy more classy and brilliant and sober. The only anomaly that is spotted in this is the screen borders and the keyboard that is covered with matte plastic. A WXGA display with a TN Panel and the glossy finish looks a treat to the eyes.

Screen resolution of 1360*880 with a 15.6-inch display screen is a perfect size for a laptop screen which is more than compatible for gaming, surfing, video playing, and other multi-tasking. For a normal usage of the system, the battery of this model may not be the kind of what the customers expect as if some severe work or tasks are performed then the battery may get trenched very quickly so in this model may get some bad ratings due to this.

2.Our thoughts

Leaving apart the battery issue one cannot be sure of what to expect from this model as in all other things the thing gets and offers differently as it has a brilliant processor system, good panel, and a good display pattern and displays size. With its handsome looks and price, it is a very attractive deal which might some positive response in the marketplace. So if a person looking for a good budget laptop with decent quality features, specs it is a pact that should not be missed.


A flawless performance of the processor allows this Laptop to perform the things faster and smoother with a decent amount of RAM which was something expected in this model. The presence of a solid drive and Windows 10 is something brilliant in this price tag. The AMD Radeon M335 graphics card has its own separate memory, which might help the users to play heavy games with this kind of graphics designed. If someone spends some extra money on its configuration of CPU which is pretty good previously then it may become a good powerful system that can be helpful in some good and powerful works.

7. Dell Latitude 15 3590

Latitude 3590
  • Upgrading is an easy task.
  • Web browsing can be done for a long time with its battery.
  • Display free of PWM
  • Poor display options
  • Odd thermal management.
  • Weak plastic design.



Computers were introduced many years ago with a very huge size which was in itself a very huge innovation. As time and technology progressed, the sizes of the computers became smaller and faster. Many new inventions within the computers took place and made a huge impact on the lives of the people as many things got simplified.

After many years, Laptops got introduced which were introduced so as to make the lives more convenient, now all the things that the personal computer did were done by the laptops which can be carried anywhere and it was one of the finest inventions of technology and it went on growing year after year and now it comes with some amazing and some unbelievable specifications which were even not thought a few years back and this is something good for the people as it has made life and everything so easy without any hassle.

Dell has been one of the finest laptops and computers manufacturing brand which is now in this field for more than 25 years and has so much experience that knows all the market needs and wants and the strategies that it never fails to deliver something special

1. Overview

A budget business device manufactured by Dell is something that should be admired by the people in the market as it consists of some promising characteristics. And for a laptop to lie in the budget segment the hardware and software are the ones that should be compromised, but Dell has managed both things in a great manner. Equipped with a Core i5 processor and a Full HD display panel. It is a 2kg laptop of a 15.6-inch screen which is a decent display screen for a laptop. In its setup, it includes two RAM DIMMs that support up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory.

A 56Wh battery is something not usual in this price rate as the most commonly used battery is of 40Wh battery which is decent and it has a 56Wh battery that can last for a good period of time and it may be helpful if loads of work is to be done. The playback time of video and gaming in various tests shows that it is a decent backup.

2. Our thoughts

A perfect model from a brilliant and affordable and an established brand is the Dell Latitude 3590. With brilliant battery backup and good display, PWM is perfectly stabled. The upgrading of the system is also an easy task in this. Apart from this the things which can stop us from buying this is the designing that is not perfectly done and another major problem is the heating issue which might become a serious issue with the multi-tasking and some heavy gaming. All in all, there might be some better options available in the market but if the user only wants only the performance that should matter then this is the best thing presently available.

3. Verdict

An M.2 SSD slot support on the laptops is something that should be admired. The model Dell Latitude 15 3590 is a substitute for model 3580 which had various issues in its specifications and build quality. With the introduction of this model, Dell has done some recognizable changes which were so demanding and had to be made, but we can say that it appears that this set lacks somewhere with the other brands' models. One of the strangest things about this laptop is the heating management problem which might get huge when there is a lot of usage of the laptop.

Talking about the positive aspects of the set, PWM adjustment is done perfectly. The one thing that everyone should provide good is the battery backup in the laptops which gets a big issue if it is not provided as the whole thing works on battery only and this time Dell has perfectly nailed the battery as it has a good backup that may last longer while multi-tasking and other processes.

8. Dell G Series G3 3579

_Dell G Series G3 3579 15.6-inch FHD Laptop
  • Good battery
  • Well designed model
  • Well-equipped for gaming
  • Good Turbo boost sustainability.
  • Spongy keyboards.
  • Loud fan noise.
  • Backlight display not bright.



The catering of new Dell G3 is especially done on gaming on tighter budgets. Talking of core performance is quite superb in this price cut. The G series was introduced mainly focusing on the gaming structure as this series has a varied display in its every G series model as it varies from 15.6-17.1 inches.

The model we are discussing today is the 15.6-inch display screen that represents the cheapest configuration. Core performance is almost similar to the Inspiron 15 7577 as they carry many similar specs with even the same battery. The main focus of the new Dell G series is to provide real gaming experience at an affordable price.

1. Overview

Gaming is an integral part of any laptop or any computer or any smartphone but a perfect platform makes it even more exciting and real experience and this is what Dell has focused on in this latest launched G Series. The previous model Inspiron had some issues of weight and size which the immediate effect was seen in this as the weight of this model is very low with a slimmer, thinner and lighter body. In this segment for surely, the G series makes a long way ahead of its competitors in the market.

2. Our Thoughts

A good option for the customers if the customers will buy it for gaming purposes. The overall performance also speaks for itself. And a good option to buy in this price segment as a good display, a good battery, a slim and thinner design in one a not a bad deal at all. For customers, a good and convenient laptop at a good price is something we can call a treat.

Dell has done an outstanding job in making its market and the reason behind their success is their strategy that they work upon as they try to provide a maximum number of specifications at a very affordable price in which there is no harm. And all these tactics and ideas lead to the success of a product and a brand.

3. Verdict

The core performance is the highlight of this model is the only thing that stands out. A relatively lightweight model and small in price can sustain a high Turbo Boost clocks rates faster than what was expected out of this model. While gaming the fan makes a bit of noise which might have been improved by the company as it disturbs continuous usage. The affordable gaming model with such type of features is a deal that can’t be missed.