Best HP Laptops For Any Budget in India

by Nov 19, 2019

We have a fistful of reasons to take deep pride in HP’s great and innovative laptops. Fingers crossed, the end of the year is going to bring us a new series of products from our loved one company. It is all intended to present us breathtaking moments with its vibrant and vivid collections of intelligence and expertise. Like every company, Hp had its own troubles coming along the way and thankfully it overcame all of them with a sharp and intellectual head.

The company, in many ways, gives you a chance to splurge with its finished chassis at times or with the power at the other. People working strenuously for design and innovation have a long list of hunches to grab the attention of the people around the globe. It goes beyond doubt and discussion that HP’s laptops have been tough competitors in the market for many globally recognized companies. Casting light on the hallmarks of the company’s success, the first aspects that come to one’s mind are its gorgeous designs and top-drawer performance. The laptops have earned their meritorious status in the market on the basis of redefined working ways, well-knit trackpads and seamlessness.

Hewlett Packard (HP), a household name, has been toiling for the last few decades to help people, by all means, when it comes to technological gimmicks. Be it Processor or Ram or Internal Storage or Battery or Graphics Card, HP offers its users a wide range of laptops catering to everyone’s requirements. In case, you feel yourself on crossroads while finding a perfect fit, this all-inclusive guide will shed light on all the aspects from alpha to omega to help you reach a verdict with ease. To be precise, this will introspect on all the series from the company, namely Spectre, Envy, Elitebook, ProBook, ZBook, Notepad, Pavilion, Omen, Chromebook, Stream. The company, keeping in mind their globally groovy reputation, gives different range sections from premium to budget-friendly laptops. Before reaching any point, let us commence.

The Best HP Laptops

1. HP 15 Intel Core i3 7th gen 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

HP 15 Intel Core i3 7th gen 15.6-inch FHD Laptop
  • Satisfactory performance
  • Significant storage
  • Ideal for daily needs
  • No pre-installed software
  • Not so great graphics processing

With its unswerving devotion to always be second to none, the company has been thriving to keep people with different spending capacity in mind. For the ones who are not much into using laptops for a lot of critical operations, or in other words, the ones who can easily get away without premium configurations, this is the one to consider. With 7th Gen Intel Core i3-7100U processor, 2.4 GHz base processor and 3MB cache, this HP’s laptop suffice one’s daily needs quite efficiently. This comes with a Pre-installed Windows 10 Home version with lifelong validity. Spending a hefty amount on an operating system would not be a hassle for anybody. The display size of 15.6-inch (1920 * 1080) is diagonal FHD SVA anti-glare WLED-backlit. Casting light on memory and storage, 4GB DDR4 RAM with conjunction to HDD speed of 5400 RPM allows users to save data of up to 1TB. Click pictures, shoot videos, install applications, play games and whatnot. Space allows you to use it the way you want.

The user is guaranteed to get an inbuilt microphone, a webcam that allows 720p video, and dual speakers. You can, unquestionably, be sure about the detailed picture quality. Reminisce the times spent with your loved ones. There is no doubt about the notion that people are quite crazy about pictures nowadays. On average, youngsters click more than 10 photos every day due to the availability of cameras in mobile phones. All the photos are the emblem of the good times we spent with our kith and kin, near and dear ones and it really is a relief having the independence of keeping all the pics handy to upload it on the social media whenever possible. A DVD writer is equipped too. This also offers multitouch gesture support and a full-size island-style keyboard with a numeric keypad.

Not only this, the laptop carrying a 64-bit operating system with dimensions 380 * 2503 * 23.8 mm weighs just 1.86kg. It does not disappoint the ones who love to share media and other files using Bluetooth of version 4.0. And a Yes for headphone and microphone jack also allows users to recreate themselves at times while carrying out different jobs. Although, not much in use in the internet-savvy world, yet one can use the SD card reader to write songs or any other files. After weighing all the aspects, this can be said that it is an average laptop with everything available to accomplish easygoing tasks. You can expect it to be adequate enough for your day to needs like browsing, watching videos for leisure, playing some games without needing advanced peripherals. And if there is not any physical damage, it covers any manufacturing defects for a span of a year.

2. HP 15 AMD E2 15.6-inch Entry Level Laptop

HP 15 AMD E2 15.6-inch Entry Level Laptop
  • Multi-touch gesture support
  • Reasonable price
  • No pre-installed software
  • No secondary camera facing
  • The battery life of 4 hours

Introducing the next one in the low price range, this laptop has been packed with an AMD Dual-Core E2-9000e processor coupled with a 1.5GHz base processor. HP has given its users Windows 10 Home in this price category. 15.6-inch screen with 1366 * 768px gives a saintly computing experience. However, strenuous 4GB DDR4 RAM with Speed of 1866 MHz has the potential for an uninterrupted functionality for the activities that don’t demand much from the configuration.

By providing 1TB SATA hard disk, manufacturers have showcased their skills of finding out what people ask for when buying a laptop that does not make a hole in the pocket. You’ll be amazed at the availability of AMD Radeon R2 graphics card to enhance the users’ experience. With all the peripherals, the laptop weighs quite an impression of 1.86 kgs.

Features provided by the company in this section make it an ideal device for basic computing needs as they claim it in this category. This has an amazing 2.5GHz of clock speed. With one year of domestic warranty, the company doesn’t take any responsibility if the hardware suffers anyway by the user’s recklessness. This is a bright side that you can have a 720p HD video recording with the camera provided in the gadget.

Having an antiglare screen is definitely a relief for the people as they have to sit in front screen for a long time sometimes. Now, to transfer data in the laptop becomes easy with the provision of 1 USB 2.0, 2 slots of USB 3.0, a jack for HDMI, and audio output. We know that despite the fashion of doing most of the things online, there are still some people who love to listen to music and watch movies ina an old-school way, and for them, the laptop has a DVD drive. To make the time spent with a laptop seen as a rich experience, a microphone and webcam come to the rescue if someone wants to chat with their kith and kin.

With lion’s share of people giving this a 5-star rating, you can bank upon this laptop when paying a throwaway price as compared to other laptops in this section. When relating it with other laptops that are available at sky-high prices, the amount you spend and the features you get collectively make it worth buying the device. For obvious reasons, expecting anything more than the company delivers would not be honest or we can say it would definitely be a gross injustice to judge this gadget on the behalf of the peripherals it has been configured with at this price. With the trick, the company easily makes it affordable for every stratum and thereby, adding to the global sales of the product. No doubt, this is one of the best options available when buying a laptop to learn about the ins and outs. In the initial days when pupils have a sheer desire to get the device to acclimatize themselves with it, this laptop stands firm to give them all they need.

3. HP 14 Core i3 7th gen 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop

HP 14 Core i3 7th gen 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop
  • Apparent 2 million pixels for a soulful experience
  • Superb sound quality
  • Quick Charging
  • No secondary camera
  • No optical drive

Moving further in the same price category but with a remarkable configuration, this HP’s laptop has a 7th Generation Intel Core i3-7020u processor with a base processor possessing the speed of 2.3 GHz. Not to forget, a 4GB DDR4 RAM having a speed of 2133 MHz. The cache memory of 3MB, 2 cores is there to keep your work speed intact. Talking about the operating system, you need not worry about anything. Windows 10 Home & Student is there to keep you abreast of the modern world. High definition screen with a size of 14-inch and resolution 1366 * 768 is all-sufficient actually not to stress your eyes. Thin and light design is rather an eye-catching feature when combined assess with a weight just 1.59 kg. Unlike the previous laptop, this time, even 3 cells battery will let you access your laptop for 7 hours continuously.

The availability of the Intel HD 620 graphic processor is good news for a couple of purposes. This makes the vision enhanced and let you have a quality time with your laptop. Throwing light on mandatory peripherals, the first thing that comes to our mind is having a USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 with one HDMI and an audio-output. Like the other ones in this category, it doesn’t have a CD drive. But not to worry, the Bluetooth 4.2 is advanced for sure. Even the LAN would be 802.11 b/n/g. The dimensions are 335 * 234 * 19.9 mm which is definitely different from the other gizmos in the same section. You cannot miss the speed of its hard disk that is 5400 RPM.

One of the major bright sides of having this laptop is its quick Boot-up time and the credit goes to its upgraded M.2 slot for dual storage. This device does allow users not to have a conventional mechanical hard drive. The provision of SSD storage enables the system to have you save your time. After all, the company comprehends that time is money, and we always save it bit by bit. The new SSD drive has a seventeen fold more accelerated pace that empowers the system to do multitasking efficiently. No doubt things age too, however, you are given the battery that has 38% more battery life in comparison to the previous generation.

Being available in smoke grey colour at such a price is commendable in itself. This laptop in its segment is an ideal example of a laptop that can be used in offices and homes just to keep track of day to day activities. Many times we need a device that is suitable for the basic jobs that are quite imperative and act as a base for the big tasks that make a difference. It is appropriate when claimed that the design is a heartthrob. Having a quite polished finish, it easily wins the heart with its ravishing looks. People using it for accessing cumbersome excel files; mails and PPTs have given this device the tag of go-getter which can easily do its job. Professionals, to be precise, see it as a gift to carry out tasks where they need to be in front of the screen for trivial jobs.

4. HP 14s CR1005TU

HP 14s CR1005TU
  • Sleek eye-catching design
  • Shorter boot-up time
  • No secondary camera
  • No optical drive

We are living in a fast-paced world; it has become mandatory for us to push our limits to scale new heights in our life. To assist us in our hurries and hurdles, technology is quite imperative and with the company’s top-notch 8th Generation 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5-8265u processor the pace of achieving, indeed, is going to be multiplied. 8GB DDR4 RAM has this potential to kick start our projects with an amazingly swift speed. For those, who believe that the sky is the limit, gadgets must be of the same calibre. To accompany such personalities in their efforts to touch the pinnacle of success, HP 14s CR1005TU laptop with its stunning natural silver shade weighing just 1.54 kg is ready to prove its mettle.

Intel’s 620 graphics with, out and out, high definition screen is something more like a sight for the sore eyes. Putting forth, the backlit keyboard is a beauty in itself. Not only you get an opportunity to flaunt your beauteous device but also this doesn’t let you encounter any hassle while using it in even pitch dark circumstances. Bluetooth connections give you this autonomy to stay connected and pursue any activity at times when it seems next to impossible.

Even the chance to bring a smile at your loved ones will not be missed if they want you to add any media files to their devices. After all, the smiling faces of our family members are all we need to keep going in this competitive world. Adding to its productivity, the time required to shut it down and transferring data have minimized up to a great extent owing to Solid State Drive. Still, the merits are not only this much.

With its impressive and inspiring sheen and shine, the laptop has all from the brain to brawn. This is quite a performer without making you experience any lag while working on different projects. Overall, it does not give you any chance to complain about any of its aspects. Equipped with all the up to date features, spontaneous reaction of Intel Boost Technology 2.0 and a lot more, working has become a fun activity.

5. HP 15 Core i5 8th gen 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

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  • Shorter booting time
  • Appreciable battery backup
  • Design that attracts the attention
  • Eagle eye clear view
  • Camera clarity
  • No drives for DVDs

So what if the competition, with every passing day, is getting high. Thanks to the giants like Hewlett Packard that have proved themselves more like a boon to the people needing technology to stand by them. This laptop from the company is for those who have an insatiable thirst to conquer. With a power of i5-8250U 8th Generation processor proudly having a 1.6 GHz base processor speed, the laptop is readily available to leave its mark in the user’s mind with its performance. Terrifically, the clock has 3.4GHz of speed to help in accomplishing tasks. Windows 10 Home installed in this robust machine of having a display of 15.6-inch is completely high and mighty. The engineers have strived really hard to make it a piece of excellence with its 8 GB DDR4-2400 RAM that can be expanded up to 16 GB.

They say the world has become a global village. And with it mammoth 1TB 5400 RPM hard disk, a lot can be kept in this hard disk. Following its thin and light design construction, the company worked efficiently and let it weigh just 2.04 kg; however, nothing has been compromised. Its Lithium battery with its laudable feature of getting charged superfast has impressed people with an average battery life of 7 hours which can be charged 50% in just a short span of less than an hour. The company has facilitated their customers with an amenity of fabulous graphics by dint of Intel UHD Graphics 620. HP wants you to stay assured as far as its warranty is concerned. A year of onsite domestic warranty is offered for any kind of manufacturing defect. Obviously, no damages that happened to the hardware physically will be compensated for understandable reasons.

For various purposes, one needs to use the headphone with a microphone, and for taking care of it different jacks are provided. The company understands that liberty is one of the presents everyone longs for and to make its customers feel privileged this way, the improvements have been made to help users save time in a fistful of arenas

Working aptly as per expectations, there is not any major slowdown aspect to make you regret your decision of buying this outstanding piece of technology. Unlike many others, this will not give you complains about overheating or atrocious fan sounds. Greatly possessing the quality to arrest your attention in a quite short span of time, the laptop has all the top-notch features. This is honestly praise-worthy to have the quality to get it charged in an amazingly short span. The laptop’s weight is, no doubt, an added advantage. However, the company’s claim of battery life is declared untrue by most of its customers. This is not recommended to use it for heavy gaming as it might make you feel let down. Not only the overall performance is affected but also the discomfort to eyes will come to light.

6. HP 15 Intel Core i5

HP 15 Intel Core i5
  • An epitome for multitasking with SSD drive
  • Robust battery
  • Looks to die for
  • Lacks great camera
  • Casing

This is the era of variations and variety, as they say, where the big fish like HP understands to feel the pulse of the time. This laptop is the testimony that it is definitely not easy to surpass the rivals, however, proving their grit for always bringing something fantastic for the people, indeed, appears with this machine. HP 15 Intel Core i5 offering the best of the best to the customers proves that quality is produced with sheer dedication and devotion. Luring with whopping 8 GB of DDR4-2400RAM that can be extended up to 16 GB in combination with 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD, the laptop stands tall to prove that HP will keep on hustling to bring the quality on the table. This has pre-installed Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 edition for a lifetime to enjoy it ceaselessly. No wonder, the battery life is enhanced with the presence of 3 cell Li-lon battery for the uninterrupted work or fun.

Without much effort, it is quite easy for technology enthusiasts to understand the nominal difference between a laptop and a quality laptop. It is exactly not easy to bring laurels. But the company has proved that nothing is impossible to pain and patience. And it appears every time we browse through any laptops that are prepared with the whole heart and soul. This machine stands firm like most of the other laptops from the company to arrest the attention not just by the looks, in fact, with the performance that is better than the best. However, the difference in configuration is not quite vast in case we compare it with the one listed before this one. Most of the specifications are almost the same but the changes are crystal clear, too. In this price category, without making any compromise, the company has done its best to deliver the most to the customers.

For the laptops in this series, every tech-savvy gets a magnanimously swift boot-up time, a provision of shifting to SSD storage that means you can empower yourself anytime you wish to. Laptop, by default, is available to install an SSD drive or an Intel Optane Memory that will for sure make you feel superior demanding applause for the performance of your device.

A five star rated laptop from most of its users, the laptop is a matter of deep pride for the owners. Sleek design and lightweight are not the only factors to flaunt about the computer but also the prospect that it is worth in this price is a feather in the cap. However, as they say, even advantages have its disadvantages, same is the case here. The complicated maintenance opening of the case might get on your nerves when getting it repaired at the time when something misfortunate happens.

7. Omen by HP Core i5 9th Gen 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop

Omen by HP Core i5 9th Gen 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop
  • Top-rated audio solution
  • Splendid clock speed
  • Brilliant features
  • Insufficient Camera aspects

They say it aptly appropriate, only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Proudly flaunting their one of the astounding works, this Laptop from HP has a great deal to easily sway the customers from any age group. To get a cutting edge over most of the laptops from various proverbial companies, the company has precisely focused to take gaming to new horizons. This, surely, will let the users explore the all-new dimensions in this sector.

Thanks to the extensive work of engineers and company executives and personals, this laptop is next to impossible to beat. 2.40 GHz Intel Core i5-9300H 9th Gen processor has all that it takes to keep the laptop at the optimum heights. 8GB DDR4 RAM is sufficient enough to give users a continuous experience of chills and thrills. Moreover, outstandingly spectacular 1 TB with 7200 rpm hard drive can be a storage place of all the heroic games to keep the warrior in you kicking. Windows 10 is the operating system, you always have this feeling of being updated in this epoch.

HP has named this series Omen on purpose owing to plentiful of reasons. This would not be an exaggeration if we expound this laptop a brain box. With a great deal to flaunt, this laptop, undoubtedly, is a serious good omen of felicity if you are seriously passionate about gaming. Today is the time when gaming has evoked a gigantic market for brisk business. Be it any gizmo, there are innumerable games available to make you feel busy like a busy bee. After going through everything this electronic device has to offer you, you will merely worry about the price you need to pay for this herculean machine. Packed with the sensational and striking features, this rugged and hefty piece is like a Mecca for the gamers.

This list of the merits is quite long that you get goosebumps while going through it. Everything you encounter has a cool and competitive touch of technology. Unmatched performance can be the phrase you can say synonymous with it. Bang & Olufsen’s Sound makes it splendid and awesome to savour. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 has the responsibility to spice up your every single moment you spend in front of the screen while playing games most prominently. All in all, adding more features to grab the attention would be like painting the Lilly.
With prodigious features like revolutionary architecture, real-time ray tracing, beyond words artificial intelligence and surpassingly good performance will definitely give you heightened chills. Lighting fast speed, accelerated options for storing data provide you confidence at its peak to pursue any challenging cumbersome activity for laptop. Omen Tempest Cooling Technology with 3-sided venting and 5-way airflow is an example of uniqueness. 26-key rollover anti-ghosting might leave you speechless at times.

8. HP Pavilion x360 Intel Core i7 8th Gen

HP Pavilion x360 Intel Core i7 8th Gen
  • Backlit touch screen display
  • HP image pad with multitouch gesture support
  • No fingerprint scanner

Heading towards the premium touch screen laptops by the company, this HP’s laptop is a maestro. Pavilion x360 is packed with everything on the earth you need to get to the peak of success. As mentioned, with the unbelievable breathtaking features, it is all ready to blow you up. Your every moment will be an amplified experience with this masterpiece. This is the device which prominently makes you feel walking in the air with its heavenly features. Sink in the ethereal melodies or anything you want to check it for, you will thank the technology time and again.

Commencing with 2 million pixels and 178-degree wide-viewing angles this touch screen laptop is going to give you a dreamy experience. It is beyond words to learn about the all-new 5.33 micro bezel display is a gift for the users with the 14-inch screen having outstanding crystal clear views. The slimmer design might let your heart skip a beat. Moreover, multitasking is a child’s play with this hulking 8th Gen Intel Core processor and NVIDIA discrete graphics options, in case you are interested to have it on demand. Laptop’s hybrid memory is not less than any blessing for the lovers of the technology.

New innovative technology in the form of Intel Optane Memory is something beyond the imagination which has the capability to quicken the functions like anything by retrieving the way you work. It seems that having a low-quality sound on a laptop has been the talk of a bygone era because the HP audio boost and custom tuning by B&O Play are going to redefine the audio experience. The brushed-up look is going to arouse you to keep praising the designers every now and then. It is the dawn of the laptops with the most splendid sheen which prompts you to cherish it's every nook and corner zealously.

Now, it comes to the fingerprint reader on the side to keep your every bit of data from alpha to omega under your lock and key. And confidingly, every single file is safe and secure, without any speck of doubt. 12 GB of insanely fleet and high-bandwidth DDR4-2400SDRAM is a magical performer. You will definitely feel lost for words to laud this spectacularly smashing machine. Eventually, one of the surprises the company has provided to leave your eyes wide open is a long battery backup of 11 hours. 3-cell polymer battery makes you have this privilege. Imagine the star in you holding this 19.7 mm thin and 1.59 kg light laptop just waiting to scale the new heights.

A great deal of surprises waits for you to get unveiled with this laptop. Thin design coupled with battery life, hourglass edge is worthy of high praise. With 3-sided micro-edge display available in two jaw-dropping designs is a next-generation laptop for the ones who do not take no for an answer. The fingerprint reader on the metal keyboard deck and unique geometric design to the speaker grill are surprisingly incredible. Highly recommended for the technology enthusiasts.

9. HP Pavilion Gaming Core i5 8th Gen

HP Pavilion Gaming Core i5 8th Gen
  • Blistering pace
  • High-end graphics
  • No display touch screen
  • No fingerprint scanner

This wonderfully inspiring and admiring laptop is, directly and indirectly, sending their customers a firm message to play on. Saying it breathtaking is an absolutely deserving term to designate it with. HP, as always did a peachy job in bringing this laptop to existence. 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H processor, 2.3 GHz base processor, 8 MB cache, 4 cores are consolidated to assure you prosper at every task you put your hands on. 15.6 fully HD (1920 * 1080) SVA anti-glare is like a disguised beast. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics is fairly enough not only to make your day while working but also to help you excel while creating, or seeking recreation. Multiple ports without CD-drive have every way to allow you to make the most of this computer. This 8th Gen computer weighs just 2.17 kg.

HP’s Pavilion Gaming Core i5 8th Gen laptop insists you to ask for more. As the name suggests, it is brought to existence to nurture the gamer in you by exploring every possibility in this section. Being equipped with majestic specifications, the laptop has a great deal to offer to users with varying requirements. The brilliant screen features beautifully lat the users enjoy applications or software of every segment to the fullest. There is nothing to worry about battery life, too, because of 3-cell cylindrical Lithium-Ion polymer battery. Just 30 minutes and 50% battery is charged for the out of the world experience again. With this laptop by your side, do not let your creative ideas go by just like that. Let your every brainchild illuminate the planet brightly. Try your hands with such a magnificent tool in your lap. Let yourself lose track of time with this brilliant configuration. You will not leave any chance to flaunt after having the device in your possession, for sure. No question arises of any qualm even while working in pitch dark conditions. You will not stumble ever owing to the lighting so catchy.

Oh my Goodness!!! The list still has a lot to showcase. In yesteryears, no one had imagined that music on a laptop would be such awesome. Many thanks to the B&O dual speakers, watching movies at home would be more like an adventurous activity. Get used to witness accomplishing work in a heartbeat due to the combination of SSD and HDD hybrid storage.

Be it display or configuration or storage, everything offered in this laptop is produced with great efforts. HP Pavilion has a long list of marvellous bright sides. Among a long list of merits for the laptop, exceptional performance while multitasking is the one you would be extolling time and again. The terrific approach to resolve the issues effortlessly is one of the best aspects to glorify. The laptop does not need to be endorsed with plenty of efforts as it speaks for itself out and loud.

The flawless graphical specifications score lofty on looks and performance. Stylish matte finish display and dedicated compact charging brick are the prominent triggers to make it your number one. USB ports, SD card reader, HDMI and a headphone/microphone combo port gives you to let you exercise your every wish. As always, the manufacturers have not sacrificed anything to get you the quality packed in the lightweight laptop. Varying from person to person, the battery does not always last as long as always. One oftentimes, you might say, a problem of random frame drops at high settings can come up.