Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India

by Nov 20, 2019

As technology has progressed to gigantic levels, we have become more & more addicted to gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. Laptops are no longer just gadgets, but powerhouses that serve as our entertainment centers, gaming consoles, and full-fledged workstations. As their internal software keeps getting stronger and we keep making them do complex tasks, their components also get heated more.

Heating issues seem to be a common complaint in most laptops nowadays, and while they sound innocuous, they can be very dangerous in the long run. Usually, it is during intensive gaming sessions or working on graphics-intensive apps that heating issues seem to occur in many laptops, and it can temporarily freeze the laptop, or shut it down, or even burn out its RAM or battery leading to loss of data and huge expenditure in repairing the entire system.

Now, just like there are various configurations and brands of laptops, there are various brands and types of cooling pads in the market, making it quite confusing for any normal user as to which one is the best laptop cooling pad in India.

The Best Laptop Cooling Pads

1. TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad

Tarkan Heavy Duty
  • Attractive design scheme
  • Extra USB ports
  • Adjustable ergonomics
  • On the bulkier side


About the cooling pad

]With extensive technological expertise, the founders of Tarkan Labs have always worked with a desire to bring advanced features to everyday gadgets with an additional layer of style. All Tarkan gadgets have managed to climb up the bestsellers lists in their respective categories and the same is the case with TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad, widely considered as the best laptop cooling pad India.


TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad flaunts a unique design that makes it look like a gadget right from the next Iron Man movie! Robust 4 fans that are illuminated in a mysterious way with LED lights, enmeshed in a metal body, makes a powerful first impression. Its size is enough for cooling up to a 17-inch laptop, that too without any noise, something most laptop cooling pads struggle with.

Bundled with a USB cable that helps attach TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad to a laptop and derive power, it is also equipped with 2 extra ultra USB slots that will connect with any other device such as a phone or a memory stick. Its versatility is enhanced with the help of its ergonomic design that comes with an adjustable mount, helping to keep the laptop at different angles while working on it.

The powerful aerodynamics metal mesh design helps it cool the laptop down even during the heaviest of tasks such as while gaming, making this a darling of hardcore gamers. There is a cable organizer at the bottom to keep the USB cable neatly when not in use. The extra USB slot also had a Dual Fan speed controller button and a LED light control button, thus ensuring top-most convenience for every user.

With an ergonomic design that changes TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad into a robust workstation and solid performance, it is destined to be one of the best laptop cooling pads in India for a long time.

2. Deepcool Windpal FS Cooling Pad

Deepcool WINDPAL FS Cooling Pad for Laptops
  • Excellent cooling
  • Height is adjustable
  • Fans may get dirty through the mesh


About the cooling pad

Established in 1996, Deepcool has followed a three-pronged strategy in the field of thermal cooling solutions. First, constant innovation with a special focus on green technology, second, high-quality manufacturing at most affordable prices, and third, top-notch customer support and after-sales service. Today, Deepcool has many admirers around the world for providing some of the best cooling devices including the best laptop cooling pad in India, Deepcool Windpal FS Cooling Pad.


The use of classic black color makes Deepcool Windpal FS Cooling Pad look effortlessly cool. It is suitable for laptops with 17-inch screen size and below thanks to its massive metal mesh area that sits on a curved base, giving it a very unique nautical design. The curved base is made of green-certified plastic, hence better for the environment, and also provides optimized airflow to keep the laptop cool even when indulging in heavy tasks such as high-end gaming. The anti-skid feature is provided from the silica gel pads that are fitted at the bottom of the base, they provide stability to the laptop in all situations and protect it from any unwanted scratches too.

Deepcool Windpal FS Cooling Pad features a highly ergonomic work design with 3 different height adjustment options so that the user can conveniently work on the laptop at different angles. The 140mm twin fans work tirelessly and soundlessly to keep it cool and are powered through a bundled USB cable that attaches to the laptop. Additionally, it has 2 extra USB ports so that laptop users can conveniently use other devices. Like other best laptop cooling pads, it also has a fan speed control button that helps conserve energy, adding to the green quotient of Deepcool Windpal FS Cooling Pad.

Adhering to all the expectations of a laptop user when it comes to cooling pads, Deepcool Windpal FS Cooling Pad offers strong performance alongside good ergonomics to become the best laptop cooling pad India.

3. Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans

Lifestyle-You™ Laptop Cooling Pad with 5 Fans and 6 Angles Adjustment. Heavy Duty. Laptop Notebook Stand.
  • Good design
  • Extra USB outlets
  • Adjustable incline modes
  • USB cable is a bit short


About the cooling pad

The brand name Lifestyle-You is in its infancy, still, it has managed to garner a loyal fan following with its relentless focus on getting only the highest quality gadgets out in the market. The Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans is their bestseller and most popular offering that is aimed mainly at the gamers, and here is a look at the features that make it so popular among the masses and critics alike.


Taking basics to another level, Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans employs the classic black color on the durable chassis for a premium look with a standard metal mesh housing 5 fans. The surface area is huge enough to provide sufficient cooling for bigger laptops having 17-inches screen and all smaller ones too.

A heavy-duty performance is provided by the powerful configuration of Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans. Most of the time, the hardcore gamers feel the biggest brunt of heating issues with their performance severely lagging due to their laptop system getting burned out due to consistent intense gaming sessions.

With Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans taking all the heat away with its extremely effective cool airflow and heat dissipation technology, all gamers can indulge in virtual play for longer duration without any worries. Apart from gamers, anyone operating their laptops for long hours working on hardcore social, lifestyle, productivity, or media-related tasks or graphics-intensive programs, can thank Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans for keeping their laptop cool for as long as needed.

Additionally, Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans provides nifty features such as a regulatory dial for controlling the speed of 5 fans, extra twin USB ports for convenience and connection, a USB cable is bundled that may be a bit too short, and the ability to set up and use the laptop on 6 different inclination modes as Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans doubles up as a sturdy workstation too.

There are many brands that try but fail to get the basics right. Here is the winning strategy adopted by Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans, it gets the basics right and then enhances it by adding a gamers-special component that makes it premium looks-wise as well as performance-wise. This is why it is meant to be considered the best cooling pad for laptop India.

4. Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad

Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad 638- (Black)
  • Presence of USB slot
  • Sturdy and adjustable build
  • Not for gaming


About the cooling pad

Another new brand in the world of smaller consumer gadgets such as cooling pads, Cables Kart is operating with simplicity as its guiding force. Simple design and features done right, at the most down-to-earth price, Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad is the best example of this philosophy that has made it the best laptop cooling pad for the masses.


Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad comes with a 2-year warranty that speaks volumes about its reliability. Its design also brings peace of mind with its simple but elegant presentation with a durable fan fitting a huge single fan inside. Many laptop users may look at it and think that it won't provide effective cooling but this is, in fact, perfect for any casual user.

Most casual users do not indulge in high-intensity tasks such as gaming or graphics programs and their basic internet browsing, social media consumption, or media playback does not need heavy-duty cooling pads with multiple fans. It does not make sense for them to spend extra money for features that won't be useful to them. This is where Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad comes in handy as it is cost-effective and performance-effective for their low-level needs.

Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad may be simple and possesses just one fan, but it does not mean it has skimped out on any essential feature. Since it does not have any unnecessary feature adding weight to its durable frame, it is very lightweight and portable for easy shifting alongside the laptop. The surface area is scientifically designed for efficient heat dissipation to keep the laptop cooler over long usage. Since it is not very large, Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad can comfortably support laptops with up to 15.6-inches screen.

The maximum fan speed Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad touches is 1000 RPM that makes it good for casual use but not for gamers who need to go for 4 or 5 fans configurations. As far as the versatility quotient goes, Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad has an adjustable base that supports 4 different angles providing convenience to use the laptop stress-free. It also has 2 USB ports out of which one is used for attaching it to the laptop and the other is free for attaching with any external supported device.

Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad is the best option for those who want fuss-free gadgets with pure basic functionality, not filled with extra features that increase cost and are not useful for their personal needs in the long run.

5. Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad with Patented Air-flow Wing (Black)
  • Patented unique air-flow design
  • Excellent fast cooling
  • Noiseless performance
  • Absence of extra USB ports
  • Single fan cooling not for gamers


About the cooling pad

Belkin is a globally renowned consumer electronics and accessories brand with nearly 4 decades of technological research expertise. Their main aim is using technology to make everyone's life better and the way to do this is creating products that bring ease-of-use within an affordable budget to one & all. One of the best examples of their stellar work is the best laptop cooling pad India, the Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad.


Belkin products are famed for being elegant that makes a mark at first glance. The ergonomic design of Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad includes a patented air-flow wing curve that ensures any user can pick it out in a crowd. This shape is the reason it can work exceedingly well in dissipating hot air away from the laptop in a jiffy and performs way better than anyone's expectation. It also makes Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad very lightweight and easy to move around.

The unique shape of Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad is bundled with some interesting features that would make any laptop user's life better. First, there is a no-slip ledge that holds the laptop securely in one place and minimizes the chances of slipping. Second, the smooth base of Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad is fitted with grip pads that enhance the security of the laptop by completely eliminating any chance of it sliding away. Third, the base can be raised at an incline for protecting the wrist while using the laptop and also reduce neck strain.

The credit of super-fast and efficient cooling performance by Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad also goes to its CoolSpot technology that helps to evenly disperse the hot air from the laptop and keeps it cool, as the name suggests. In terms of thermal heating control performance, Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad is as good as any big brand that costs way more than this affordable, simple, powerful cooling pad.

Keeping its focus on the grassroots level, Belkin has not stuffed this cooling pad with a boatload of features, but it surely is USB powered and is bundled with a long USB cable that seamlessly attaches to the laptop and starts working on cooling down the laptop within seconds. There are no extra USB ports but it is acceptable and excusable at this price point. All of this is bundled with a 3-years warranty from Belkin that is worth its weight in gold.

Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad brings the assurance of a global behemoth in a humble package of minimal style and maximum substance. Laptop users and tech enthusiasts searching for the best cooling pad for laptop India without desiring to break the bank can consider their search ending here.

6. DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler

Deepcool N400 Notebook Cooler (Black)
  • Value for money
  • Works without making a sound
  • Not for gamers whose laptops get very hot
  • Only one adjustable incline mode


About the cooling pad

Deepcool has been devoted to the cause of solving thermal heating issues in various consumer electronics for more than 3 decades and has used state-of-the-art in-house technological expertise, passion for a greener future, and stringent quality control methods to create products such as DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler that have effortlessly become the best cooling pad for laptop India.


DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler caters to the entry-level users who are looking out for an efficient laptop cooling pad that is not flummoxed by unnecessary features. The high-end users are already looking at complicated options but this is made for a normal person who just wants regular heating to be taken care of, the heat produced during media watching or working on spreadsheets for a long time or just general heat that is produced by an old laptop even while general internet browsing. DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler is made for such users who want a simple solution within a very limited budget.

The design system incorporated in DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler includes a big surface metal mesh area with a 140mm fan for cooling purposes. This fan has a speed of 1000 rpm that instantly excludes it from any possibility of cooling down a dedicated gaming laptop but is more than apt for any normal person dealing with conventional laptop heating. It provides good airflow throughout the mesh area to reduce heat and dissipate it efficiently. The smooth finish is helpful in cleaning it easily while the anti-slip design ensures safety at all times.

For attaching the DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler to a 15.6-inch (or below) laptop, there is a USB pass-through connector bundled, and the base offers an angled mode to balance the laptop on it and work without any physical strain. Weighing just around 460 grams, it is lightweight and its durable build ensures easy portability anywhere. The best part about using DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler is the noiselessness with which it does its work, it is pin-drop silence that is a huge relief for anyone who hates unnecessary noise from gadgets.

Deepcool has mastered the art of understanding the user's needs and crafting gadgets to their exact specifications. DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler ensures a satisfactory and value-conscious performance as a strong and simple laptop cooling pad, thereby ensuring a legion of happy fans among the Indian masses.

7. Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad with Patented Air-flow Wing (Black)
  • Airflow is superb with a patented design
  • Value for money for normal users
  • Gaming devices won’t be cooled
  • There aren’t extra USB slots


About the cooling pad

The global personal gadgets behemoth Belkin is inspired by the common user's life to create solutions that make their life better. This has been their guiding principle from their inception and has made them a favorite of electronics users everywhere. Their diligence and attention to detail are evident in the best cooling pad for laptop, Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad, a simply functional gadget that has garnered critical and popular appreciation for a long time.


In true Belkin style, Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad presents beauty inside and outside in a seamless package. The surface area is enough to handle up to 15.6 inches laptops or notebooks and provides noiseless cooling. Belkin is the proud owner of many patented designs and one of those is the remarkable air-flow wing wave scheme that is used in Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad. This puts a single efficient fan directly under the CPU of the laptop and pulls all the heat away, without making any grating noise. It is similar to how convection base gadgets work except they distribute heat optimally and this one takes it away.

The ergonomic design not only optimizes air circulation for efficient cooling benchmarks, but it also provides a gentle incline mode that allows the laptop to be settled upon its strong plastic body in an angle that puts less strain on the neck and wrists of the laptop user. In this way, Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad doubles up as a mini laptop-stand that takes the heat away from the lap of the user, literally.

Being compact and lightweight, it is easy to transport Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad with the laptop without losing any of its functionality. It has a USB cable to attach it with the laptop to power up, but no extra USB slots, but at this price, this is pretty standard so there is no reason to complain. It also has very strong anti-slip grip pads at the bottom that is crucial to help the laptop stay secure atop Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad.

For those who think the more expensive a gadget is, the better it, look again. Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad is made for those who value premium features at an affordable price rather than paying a premium for basic features. It works well true to its promise and intends to stay on top as the best laptop cooling pad for its millions of loyal fans.

8. Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler

Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops (Black)
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Quiet performance
  • Possesses extra USB port
  • LED lights cannot be controlled


About the cooling pad

Established in 1998, Havit has been knee-deep in the world of PC & mobile accessories, carving an undisputable leadership position with the help of their love for industry-leading innovation, taking user feedback seriously, strictest quality standards at every step from sourcing components to final manufacturing of each gadget. All their products are permanent fixtures on various bestsellers list and are trusted by hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers. It is but natural that even the world of cooling pads would have at least one Havit offering as the best laptop cooling pad India and here it is, the marvelous Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops.


A striking design of a huge multi-directional strong metal mesh with 3 fans is what users see first in Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops. No expense has been spared in making it look outstanding, and at the same time, the performance is top-notch too. The 110 mm fans provide 1100 rpm that is powerful for most laptop users, whether they use normal social and productivity programs daily or indulge in some long gaming sessions. It sounds like a modest configuration but works very efficiently for all thermal heating problems and cools down the laptop quickly, thereby saving it from damage and increasing the performance standards too.

The quiet and powerful fans have LED indicator lights that do not hurt the eyes and are useful for indicating that the cooling pad is working, even at night. The metal mesh is durable and resistant to wear-and-tear due to constant usage. Despite its high utility, Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops is not heavy and can be easily carried around in a backpack or laptop bag.

Meanwhile, those desiring a stable base to keep their laptop while working will be happy to know about the twin shield holders under the base that keeps the cooler in two different incline modes. This gives complete stability to the laptop with no chance of slipping or sliding and also reduces physical strain on the user while working on the laptop in the angled state.

Apart from portable and ergonomic design, Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops is also equipped with a USB 2.0 cable to attach it with the laptop for power. This means that one USB port of the laptop will be engaged in the cooling pad.

To compensate for this, Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops has two USB ports which means one extra port to attach an external device without compromising on its cooling efficiency. This is especially useful for those who handle many external devices at the same time, such as an external hard disk, or a power bank, or USB memory sticks, or card readers and so on.

Compact, lightweight, whisper-silent performance are just some of the reasons Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops is beloved by many as the best laptop cooling pad in India.

9. Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master (R9-NBC-NPX3-GP) Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Great for gaming devices
  • Rugged build quality
  • Unique front vent
  • A bit expensive
  • Little noise on certain surfaces


About the cooling pad

Creativity is the name of the game at Cooler Master, one of the legends in the field of PC and gaming related innovation. Their modus operandi has been to create value in a bottom-up approach rather than the other way around that most brands do. Instead of innovating first and then listening to user feedback, Cooler Master relies on its tech partners and avid gaming community to share their problems based on which Cooler Master innovates cutting-edge products.

This approach has made them unbeatable with an extensive product portfolio involving bestsellers with millions of satisfied consumers worldwide. They even have the best laptop cooling pad India to their credit in Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad.


In its own words, Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad flaunts an aerodynamic design inspired by jet planes, evident in its iconic X pattern in a diamond-cut body. Talking of its looks, it leaves no stone unturned in the quest to present the coolest looking laptop cooling pad that claims to provide 20% more efficient cooling thanks to improved airflow with its utilitarian design scheme.

The rugged blend of plastic and metal makes Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad durable for long use without succumbing to any wear or tear, and weighing at just a little less than 1kg it is a bit on the heavier side. Still, it has been designed for portability and can be carried around without much trouble.

The standard mesh that can accommodate larger 17-inch laptops too, fits a large 200mm fan that has a speed of 850 rpm. Despite this very modest configuration, it works efficiently in cooling down high-tech gaming devices too apart from the usual vanilla laptops or notebooks mainly due to its advanced design.

The fan has a cool blue LED light that enhances aesthetics as well as indicates that the power is on, it comes with a button to control it just like there is an in-built fan speed controller too for those who may feel their laptop isn't heated enough to use the fan at its highest speed. For most users though, the fan must be kept at its highest for the most optimum and fast cooling experience.

Apart from performing a superb basic function, Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad is equipped with a glossy UV coating, and four rubber non-slip pads on the base that help in adjusting the height and giving a comfortable incline for the user to work conveniently. Owing to its large size, it is not recommended to keep it on the lap, rather a stable surface should be used. Its operation is quite noiseless but sometimes, keeping it on a surface like wood may result in little noise, nothing that would be very inconvenient, seeing that most laptops are themselves equipped with noisy internal fans.

The base of the Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad also has a dedicated cable management area, in other words, the bundled USB cable that attached it to the laptop can be stowed away when not in use keeping it safe. A great unique feature on Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad is the presence of a front vent that helps in keeping the user's hands sweat-free, something not offered by any of its competitors. So it provides a dual cooling function by keeping the laptop as well as its users cool for long periods.

Even though Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad feels a little bit on the expensive side, its build quality and unbeatable performance speak for themselves. It is the perfect cooling companion for everyone, from the casual user to an avid gamer, and this versatility is backed by its legendary reputation, making this a winners' choice all the way.

10. Technotech Cooling Pad 638 Multi-Angle Stand

Technotech Laptop Cooling Pad 638 (Blue)
  • Very lightweight and functional
  • Multiple adjustment modes
  • Low fan speed not apt for heavy-duty performance


About the cooling pad

One of the rising stars brands in the field of mobile and PC accessories is Technotech that brings an amalgamation of style and power in equal measure at unbeatable price points. They aim to create long-term value for the Indian masses who always prefer the best but within limited budgets. This leads to innovations such as the best laptop cooling pad from their stable, the Technotech Cooling Pad 638 Multi-Angle Stand. Time to take an in-depth look at its various features that have gotten much applause from users for its design as well as performance.


The simple aesthetics of Technotech Cooling Pad 638 Multi-Angle Stand are meant to be used for their intended purpose rather than presenting as a flashy looker. Simple but durable plastic body with a big surface metal mesh on top and adjustable base with a singular fan inside, this sums up the entire system. It looks humble but works powerfully enough. It is aimed at providing a solution to thermal heating problem of casual laptop users (not gamers) and the design is not very rugged for the same reason. It can accomodate up to 15.6 inches laptops which is on par with most cooling pads in this category.

The mesh on top ensures good thermal heat dissipation as the strong fan with 1000 rpm gives efficient cooling through a bundled USB connector. The base of Technotech Cooling Pad 638 Multi-Angle Stand has durable plastic grip pads that ensure an anti-skid functionality and also give 4 different angles for propping up the laptop and conveniently working there. This means it can double up successfully as a laptop stand in addition to a cooler. As the best laptop cooling pad India, there is no grating noise in this performance as the fan gives a silently efficient cooling experience.

Technotech Cooling Pad 638 Multi-Angle Stand has become the best cooling pad for laptop India by providing robust functionality within a limited budget for all casual laptop users who want bang for their buck.

Before we go on to identify the best cooling pad for laptop India, here is a rundown of all factors to look for when buying a laptop cooling pad.

Factors to look for when buying a Laptop Cooling Pad


Budget - Most people seem to think that expensive automatically means better. Nothing can be further from the truth. When it comes to laptop cooling pads, they are available at different price points just like any other gadget and have a bunch of features even at budget or mid-range segment. If somebody does not need advanced features then it makes no sense to pay more just for some frills or big brand name. The balance between one's needs and the budget has to be maintained.

Dimensions - The physical attributes of the cooling pad, how big is it, how loud or quiet it is, how heavy or light is it, and what is the speed of the fan, all contribute to its functionality over the years. The size of the cooling pad is most important, as it won't cool the laptop enough if it is too small, or if it is too big then it will become heavy to chug around. Similarly, there are cooling pads that make a lot of noise even during normal functioning that can be annoying after some time. Additionally, many cooling pads are filled with additional features that may make them heavier and some laptop users may not like that. Finally, this will also include the cooling fan speed, which works logically, as in the faster the fan speed, the more efficient cooling it will provide. Thus, considering the dimensions of a laptop cooling pad is of utmost importance.

Extra Excellence - Today, cooling pads have incorporated many additional modes and features that may play a huge role in the choice scheme of many laptop users. Apart from cooling the laptops, some cooling pads also double up as USB ports station, while others offer adjustable legs or slanting design for a better fit under the laptop. Some other cooling pads have straps to snugly transport them along with the laptop, and yet others offer an increased number of fans for better cooling especially for gaming devices. Depending on a laptop user's budget and needs, it is important to consider all these features that enhance the versatility of the best laptop cooling pad.