Best Laptops Under 35000 with i5 & i7 Processors in India

by Nov 19, 2019

If you are looking for laptops that lie between 30,000 and 40,000 then this article will let you know about all the laptops of this range available in a laptop. This article contains laptop from all the top brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus, and Acer.

Among all the laptops of this range, you will find some common features such as all these laptops have a good enough hardware that would facilitate everyday activities such as watching movies, playing games or browsing through the web, or make use of MS Office, etc. They will generally have hard disk storage of about 1 TB. The laptops come with 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM. If your work requires multitasking a lot then you should go for a laptop that has 8 GB RAM. In a 4 GB laptop you can use an extra slot provided.

You will find laptops with an Intel Core i3 or i5 processors that are of 7th generation. You will find that the laptops with i3 processors will generally come in the range of 20,000 to 30,000. Also, the i5 laptops are generally around 35,000. If you do heavy work then go for i5 processors.

Also if you are more involved in gaming, machine learning work then makes sure you use a laptop with good graphics processor. You will find here that the laptops have Linux or Windows and some might have pre-installed Windows while others might not.

The Best Laptops Under 35000

1. Acer Aspire 3 Core i5 8th Gen

Acer Aspire 3 Core i5 8th Gen
  • it has an awesome process that ensures multitasking and gaming without lag.
  • decent battery backup that would allow you to work on the laptop for hours.
  • No presence of dedicated graphics


This laptop is a great product with a pre-installed Genuine Windows 10 OS. It is a light laptop and has a full HD LED Backlit TFT Display, it’s battery backup is about 6.5 hours. The processor is Core of intel and is of the 8th generation. It has a RAM of 4 GB and the HDD capacity is 1 TB. The RAM type is DDR 4. There are two memory slots and the number of cores is four. The graphic processor is Intel Integrated UHD 620.

You will also get an expandable battery up to 12 GB. The operating system used is Windows 10 HOME and there is an SD card reader. You also have built-in dual speakers and built-in digital microphone.

Our thoughts

According to us, it has a quite decent screen resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and also the display size of 15.6-inch LED makes it good for both professional as well as non-professional purposes.

With the HD Anti-Glare LED it takes care of your eyes, it ensures that you are least affected by the light the laptop emits.
Along with the laptop has a capacity of 256GB SSD which makes it a very good choice as it is a significant amount of space.

Also, the Camera gives you an HD quality so your photos and videos calls would be clearer.
The disadvantage you will find is that it does not have dedicated graphics and thus cannot take huge loads especially if the sudden.


The Acer Aspire 3 A315-53-57WF will suit a buyer whose budget lies in a mid-range. The performance rate of the laptop is really good so you can buy it for that. The biggest positive point of this laptop is that it can support gaming and multitasking that is lag-free and the processor can run many functions at a particular point of time. The battery backup mentioned earlier in the overview shows that it is really good at this parameter also.

On the other hand, you should avoid it in case of heavy gaming and graphical work as it does not contains dedicated graphics. It uses the basic operating system of Windows 10 that makes it quite decent to put your hands on it.

2. Avita Liber Core i5 7th Gen

Avita Liber Core i5 7th Gen
  • large storage capacity
  • good battery backup
  • No dedicated graphic processor


If you looking for something light and at the same time very stylish and complements with your style then you are making the right choice. It is LED, full HD with backlit IPS display. It does not have an optical disk drive which makes it a light choice.

Along with the laptop, you will get a power adopter, warranty documents along with a user manual.
It is suitable for processing and multitasking. It uses the processor core i5 of intel and is of the 7th generation. Its SSD capacity is 128 GB and operating system is Windows 10 Home.

It has a touch-pad and contains a webcam of 720 P which is HD. Other than that it has a domestic warranty of 18 months.

Our thoughts

In our view, the laptop is available for both mid to high range customers, therefore covering almost everyone. It just weighs about 1.46Kg, thus the best option available for the people in the market who travel a lot.

With a storage capacity of 512GB SSD, it becomes favourable for any kind of business as it can save a large number of files.
The screen or display size is 14-inch so definitely a portable item and also it comes with a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. that makes it a great choice for the buyer.

It has an integrated graphics processor and the RAM speed is really good.
Although if you are looking for something that has a dedicated graphics processor, then this might not be a suitable choice for you.


If you are a person that travels a lot and also have to complete its business obligations, therefore, the Avita Liber NS14A1IN026P laptop is the best choice for you as it is very lightweight, hence no extra burden and also it comes in a portable size.

The battery backup of the laptop is great, you can use it for hours, without the tension of finding plugs during your travel and make use of the laptop without any hurdle. Also, it would provide you with really good configuration and hence makes multitasking very easy. Apart from all the above-mentioned things it has a big storage capacity, so you can store a lot of files.

3. HP 15 Intel Core i5 15.6-inch

HP 15 Intel Core i5 15.6-inch
  • huge storage capacity
  • brilliant speed and performance
  • No precision touchpad


If you are obsessed with black colour or prefer a professional look for your laptop then the Sparkling Black HP 15 Intel Core i5 15.6-inch Full HD Laptop is the best choice for you. It is a full HD laptop with Windows 10 Home that has a validity of whole life.

It is of a thin design and battery life is about seven hours. Also, it charges very fast, within a span of the fourth five minutes it can reach from zero to fifty per cent. The hard drive size is 1024 GB and the technology used by it is Mechanical Hard Drive.

The laptop consists of dual speakers along with Intel Integrated Graphics.

It has an Intel processor of Core i5 7200U and the speed of the processor is 3.1 GHz.

Our thoughts

The display of 15.6 inches big enough, makes it a very comfortable device while gaming, surfing and watching videos. The laptop display is HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 that gives the users a brilliant experience. Apart from the storage facility, battery backup and great processor ability for multitasking would not find anything much in the model.

It has very common features and might have more disadvantages than advantages when compared to the other products in the market.

If you are looking for something trendy and absolutely fabulous in its working than this laptop might not be an ideal choice for you. It uses a 7th generation processor whereas now we have 8th generation processor in the market.
If you are not dedicated to trends then you consider this laptop as an option.


If you are a person who would like to buy something that comes in the mid-range price tag then the laptop can be an appropriate choice for you. The laptop has an extremely good performance and its processor is capable of
running multiple tasks at the same time.

The battery is also quite strong and will stay around for a significant period of time. There is a huge storage which is compatible with your every task.on the other hand, it does not have a preloaded Windows OS or a full HD display that takes it some points down. Along with that, you will not even find. dedicated graphics, precision touchpad, and USB-C in the model. It comes with an on-site one-year domestic warranty.

4. Lenovo Ideapad L340 Intel Core I5 8th Gen

best ryzen motherboard
  • RAM of 8 GB
  • high-resolution screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • does not have a VGA port


The laptop stands on every parameter whether it's audio, performance or visual. It would never let you down with its eye-care mode, physical webcam shutter, and rapid recharging technology.

Coming to the model's specific features we have 8th Generation Core Intel I5-8265U processor with a speed of about 1.6 GHz.
It is a DOS-based laptop and is also compatible with Windows 10 but that you have to install it separately, it would not come along with the laptop.

The display is about 15.6-inch and is fully HD for brilliant view. It has an 8 GB RAM and the storage capacity of the device is 1 TB HDD. The battery of the laptop can stay up to six and a half hours.
Along with the laptop, you will get a charger and a user manual.

Our thoughts

We think that it could be a great laptop for those who are keeping their range until 40,000. The laptop display is all HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which provides a very good picture quality.
The laptop has one HDMI, two USB 3.0, Combo audio and microphone jack along with DVD-RW and one Lan port, thus it is a whole package.

The laptop runs very smoothly and quickly, therefore a great model for business purposes as well as for computer or engineering students.
The battery life is also good.

Overall the laptop is a good choice to buy. The only issue that can be faced by you is the weight of the laptop which is 2.2 kg, might not be that portable for long-distance travels.


Lenovo has always been a trusted brand name, therefore there are no trust issues on the product from that angle.
Mechanical hard drive and integrated graphics processor makes it a great deal in the market. The processor of the laptop is of Intel with Core i5 and the speed it provides is 3.9 GHz, therefore it is great for multitasking and gaming to some extent.

It uses the DOS operating system. If you want to use any other operating system you might have to buy it separately.
The screen size of 15.6 Inches makes it way more entertaining to watch movies and play games on it.
Also, you get a 1-year onsite domestic warranty from Lenovo, so it's a plus point in case there are some manufacturing defects.

5. Dell Vostro 15 Core i3 7th Gen

Dell Vostro 15 Core i3 7th Gen
  • Excellent battery backup
  • good storage
  • None


The laptop is great and stands out in the market because of many good features such as you get a pre-installed Windows 10 OS which is genuine. The laptop also supports MS office home and student 2016 that comes preloaded.

The processor used by the laptop is really great, it uses Intel Core i3 which is a 7th generation processor. Apart from this laptop is great for multitasking and processing.

The graphic processor used by the laptop is Intel integrated HD 620. You can expand the memory of the laptop to 16 GB. The laptop has an SD card reader along with inbuilt dual speakers and inbuilt microphone.

Our thoughts

The screen resolution of the laptop is 1366 x 768 pixels which give a good experience. The display is 15.6 inch which is great while viewing pictures, videos and playing games. A very efficient Webcam for video calling and recording is available to make it a great choice for customers.

The 4 cell Li-ion battery of the laptop offers long-lasting battery thus you can work for hours without any kind of interruption at all.
The processor has an operating speed of 2.3GHz which makes it per cent to undertake actions of medium to high intensity. Also, the laptop has a very efficient hard disk speed of about 5,400 RPM.


The Dell Vostro 15 3568 (A553117WIN9) is a great choice among many laptops available in the market, the product comes with many standard features. If you are fed up of lags then this processor is quite good as it will offer you a lag-free experience. Apart from these, the laptop has massive storage so you can keep a lot of files and documents. The battery backup is also really strong. The laptop offers an HD display which makes it an appropriate option in their price range it is placed.

6. HP 15 DA0300TU

HP 15 DA0300TU
  • huge storage capacity
  • strong performance
  • only one USB slot


The model is known for its long-lasting battery and facilitates non-stop entertainment for long hours. The laptop uses an Intel Core i5-8250U 8th Gen processor along with 4GB DDR4 RAM which makes it great for multitasking and speed processing. The hard drive is 1TB. The laptop comes with a standard 15.6-inch screen and Intel HD Graphics.

It uses the DOS operating system and the battery life is seven which is above average and great to work for hours without any inconvenience. The laptop weighs about 2.04kg laptop making is portable to some extent.

Our thoughts

The display of 15.6 comes along with being HD and resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels makes it really boosts the viewing experience of the user.

The laptop has a huge capacity of 1TB HDD with a speed of 5400 RPM that makes it really good for storing a large number of files and it's speed to make sure that the functions are performed really quick.

The black colour of the laptop makes it more prominent and it looks shiny and classic, especially great for carrying in the business meetings.
It uses an integrated graphics processor that gives strength to its performance.


\The HP 15-da0300TU is an efficient laptop that would keep up with all your standard needs as a user.
The storage capacity is really good and the plus point is that the configuration the laptop processes is also great.

The battery backup as discussed earlier is above average or moderate that makes it a great piece in the market.
You will not find pre-installed OS windows which is a backdrop. If you are a customer who will prefer to buy a product that lies in the low range than this laptop is not for use as it comes in the mid-range.

7. Lenovo V130 81HNA019IH

Lenovo V130 81HNA019IH
  • very affordable
  • Fast processing and multitasking
  • No pre-installed Windows


This small business laptop of Lenovo is a really portable product. It has a one-piece touchpad and a battery life of about six hours that is after charging it once the battery would stay for about six hours while you are working on it.

It makes use of a privacy camera shutter that ensures your webcam remains closed when not in use to avoid hacking chances.
The full-size single touchpad allows you to use it wherever you want, you do not specifically need to attach a mouse to it as it's touchpad is big enough.

The laptop uses an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 -8250U processor then makes us sure of speed processing and it has a DOS-based operating system.

Our thoughts

The laptop of 15.6-inch, HD LED and with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels makes sure to deliver a high-quality picture experience to the user.

It also contains a backlit AntiGlare display which ensures that your light emitted by the laptop does not affect your eyes.
The laptop is also great in terms of camera, as it contains an integrated webcam that gives you HD quality video calling offer.
Also, the storage is about 1 TB that is good enough space for storing your desired files.


The Lenovo V130 laptop is a great choice for a customer if the price range is suiting him or her.
If you are looking for something that looks stunning in your office environment then this laptop with impressive looks has made a place for itself at the top in this category. Apart from this it massive storage good enough to fulfil all your needs to the maximum.

The only thing that you might not like about it is that you will have to spend extra money on installing it as it does not have a pre-loaded Windows OS which is always a problem for the user.

8. Lenovo V130 81HNA01KIH

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  • huge storage of 1TB
  • rapid charge technology
  • None


This Lenovo model comes with a large touchpad that spreads its hinges to 180 degrees so you work according to your own comfort zone.
This laptop is very portable as it weighs 1.80 kg which is very confident to carry when travelling long distances.

The laptop makes use of a rapid charge technology which will help to increase its productivity as well as your work's productivity as the battery of the laptop is estimated to last for about six hours.
It contains a privacy camera shutter that ensures when your webcam is off there is no chance that hackers are conspiring.

Our thoughts

The large touchpad allows you to work wherever you are as you do not need to a mouse when you are comfortable enough on the touchpad.
The laptop has a Trusted Platform Module that works along with Windows 10 Pro Bit locker to make sure that your data is encrypted so that no unknown source can access it.

The laptop uses a 7th Gen Intel Core i3 -7020U processor that makes it a complete fit for the multitasking work.
The thing you might not like about the laptop is that it does not have any pre-installed software and you have to spend extra money to install it.


The laptop uses a DOS-based operating system. The laptop possesses a 15.6 -inch screen with Anti Glare that makes sure that your eyes are least affected. It has a resolution of 1366x768 pixels and an HD display that facilitates in boosting your viewing and gaming experience.
You will get a one-year onsite domestic warranty with the laptop.

The laptop is great as it will suit to low to middle range people. The laptop is not a perfect fit for you if you are looking for the one that has pre-installed software. Overall the product is good with all standard elements.

9. HP 15q Core

HP 15q Core
  • long-lasting battery
  • big storage of 1TB
  • no pre-installed software


The new HP laptop comes you a standard display size of 15.6 inches but along with a first in class technology and specifications made to an extreme end, it makes a special position for itself in the market.

You will find a laptop with an 8 GB RAM and core i3 seventh-generation processor. The processor is really strong and offers to multitask.
It comes with an integrated Graphics processor HD 620. It uses DOS-based operating systems and would provide you with the best performance ever in whatever function you want to perform.

Our thoughts

The laptop with a 15.6 inch backlit bright display has a classy look and makes you stand out in the office crowd. The laptop's sparking black colours give a different aura to it. The laptop is great for multitasking and processing. The storage capacity of 1TB, though a standard feature in the laptops but still is a great amount of storage to save as many files as you wish in your laptop. It comes with a one-year onsite warranty where physical damage is not covered.

It has a DOS-based operating system and like the previous laptop, this one also has no pre-installed software this again a backdrop.


The laptop is definitely a good choice for all those people whose buying capacity is moderate.
It will definitely worth your money. You might not like the display of a laptop much as it is quite a common one but you will not regret its mechanic features along with good storage, battery and processor.

It is very thin and lightweight that is 1.77 kg thus it is very portable, also the laptop outer look is really very attractive, it can easily catch someone's eye.

The long-lasting Li-ion battery would ensure that you can watch movies without any interruption.
But the same old problem of no pre-installed software continues.

10. Asus VivoBook 14 Core i3 7th Gen

Asus VivoBook 14 Core i3 7th Gen
  • fingerprint sensor
  • decent battery backup 
  • No disk drive


The laptop has a frameless four-sided NanoEdge design and gives a 178-degree viewing angle which makes working and playing a different level experience. With this design the laptop dimensions remain the minimum and it would occupy very less space on your study table.
Moreover, the laptop is lightweight which makes it a perfect fit for traveling. It also uses an engineered ErgoLift hinge that ensures that you can perform dual action if you hold the screen at a secure or particular angle.

With Intel Core i3-7020U processors and integrated Intel HD graphics 620, it is the best laptop for multitasking. It delivers a really impressive audio experience.

Our thoughts

The laptop has great storage capacity and at the same time it also gives a great data speed and performance at 256 GB SSD which makes it really easy to operate and download apps. With this laptop you can type very comfortably and peacefully in any environment with 1.3 mm key travel along with a full size- keyboard.

The laptop uses a reversible USB Type-C along with USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 port, HDMI output, and a micro SD card reader. It makes use of ASUS Battery Health Charging technology which shields the battery from overcharging and thus increases the life of the battery. It uses a lithium-polymer battery which allows the battery to stay for longer hours.


The laptop is great for processing and multitasking. Its thin design and lightweight make it a very portable laptop that you carry for long travels. It uses an Intel Core i3, 7th generation processor which allows a strong performance. You can also expand its battery to 12 GB. It uses a Windows 10 Home as its operating system which gives it an upper-hand on many laptops available in the market.

It has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixel which allows you great viewing experience. The backlit anti-glare display ensures that your eyes are not directly affected by the light of the laptop. Although the laptop does not have a touch screen.