Best Laptops Under 40000 With I5 & I7 Processors In India

by Nov 20, 2019

There are many components to consider before investing in a laptop and this can make it quite confusing, especially when trying to distinguish the differences between specific features.

Brands are continuously introducing different models into the market to try and provide a solution for our consumer needs; taking budget, performance, design, and speed into consideration.

We have highlighted laptops that we think are high-quality and affordable models to help you understand what better suits your requirements.

But before diving into all the specifications of each model, we want to give you an overview of the common features.

So now we have given you some basic understanding of Intel’s features and why they are considered one of the best innovative brands in the market, let’s take a look at some laptop models and their specifications.

The Best Laptops Under 40000

1. ASUS VivoBook X407U-EK558T

ASUS VivoBook X407UA-EK558T 14.0-inch Thin and Light Laptop (8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U_8GB_1TB HDD_Windows 10_Integrated Graphics_1.55 Kg), Starry Grey
  • IceCool Technology
  • ASUS Splendid Technology
  • NanoEdge Display
  • 8th Generation Core i5 Processor
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • None


The ASUS Vivobook comes fully-loaded with a variety of the latest features and innovative technologies for a high-quality performance.
It comes with Intel Core i5- 8250U processor (8th Generation), one of the first quad-processors in the range and with significant differences from previous models. The extra performance compared to the earlier 7th Generation Core i5-72000U version dual-core processor is very apparent and proven to consume low power and low heat while performing various tasks.

It is a top runner for daily use, for instance, web browsing, multimedia playback and running Microsoft Office applications and doesn’t put a heavy load on the CPU. However, the main test comes to heavier tasks, such as, video format conversion, media export, and loading, which found considerably faster performance while maintaining low temperatures and power consumption as well.

The processor comes with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz and memory capacity of 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 1 TB 5400rpm HDD(hard disk drive memory) for ample storage and faster performance. DDR4 is the latest modification in computing memory (full form is “Double Data Rate 4” and is able to achieve an increased number of transfer rates at a lower voltage for higher speed and efficiency.

Although the graphics processing unit (GPU), Intel UHD 620, is pretty much similar to the 7th Generation Core i5 7200U model’s Intel HD 620 GPU, there is a 100 MHz increase in clock speed, giving it a marginal boost. Coupled with the Core i5 – 8250U processor, the overall performance is suitable for entry-level gaming, Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos, and multimedia playback.

Let’s talk about the exciting appearance of the VivoBook. It is extremely lightweight, weighing 1.55 kg and comes NanoEdge technology, providing the benefits of thinner bezel (frame around the display screen) to achieve a 73.8% screen-to-body ratio, and 180 degrees viewing angle. Taking full advantage of the 14” screen, for increased productivity and immersive viewing experience.

It comes with various display technologies to enhance visual effects and color quality. ASUS Splendid technology with 45% NTSC support, comes in 4 modes to display colors as accurately as possible. An LED-backlit, Full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and anti glare panel lets you get the most out of your viewing experience.

You have some added features like a fingerprint sensor, Video Graphics Array (VGA) webcam and chiclet keyboard.
ASUS IceCool Technology is an important addition as it is important to maintain low temperatures and not compromise on computing performance during longer hours of use. You can also charge your laptop to 60% in 49 minutes with ASUS Fast-Charge Technology, keeping you connected for longer.

Our Thoughts

This laptop certainly has all the technologies, specifications and fun quirks to give you an excellent, high-performance experience. In this price range, you are getting high-quality, ample storage and efficient performance to carry out multiple tasks.


We think ASUS is a brand that has a lot to offer and meets consumer expectations and delivers good quality at affordable prices. This laptop has a lot of benefits and it is hard to think of any drawbacks!

2. Acer Aspire A313-53G-5960

Acer Aspire 3 Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB_1 TB HDD_Windows 10 Home_2 GB Graphics) A315-53G-5968 Laptop (15.6 inch, Obsidian Black, 2.1 kg)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • TrueHarmony Plus
  • NVIDIA GeForce MX150
  • Slightly heavier than the Vivobook


Here we have a reliable and durable Acer Aspire 3, which comes with their own set of performance technologies and benefits.
Let’s start with the look and feel of the laptop. It comes with an attractive and stylish chassis and a larger display compared to the VivoBook, measuring 15.6”, also making this slightly heavier at 2.1 kg.

However, it is still a worthy option for a portable, everyday use laptop.
The 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD LED-backlit display comes with a TFT display which improves image quality with a thin-film-transistor-liquid crystal display and thin-film-transistor technology.

A TFT display, compared to a regular LCD screen, refreshes faster and provides a smooth motion playback.
One of the attractive qualities of this model is the high storage and memory capacity it has to offer. It comes with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, 1 TB HDD, 2 GB graphics memory and an expandable memory of 12 GB and an SD memory slot as well for future upgrade possibilities.

All this memory storage can be utilized with Intel Core i5-8250U 8th Generation processor, 6MB cache size, and NVIDIA GeForce MX130 for optimal graphic qualities and up to 4x faster performance, ideal for entry-level gaming with extended battery life capabilities as an added bonus. It also has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz and a turbo boost of up 3.4 GHz.

Other features include built-in digital microphone and dual speakers with TrueHarmony Plus Technology for an enhanced audio experience. Acer’s TrueHarmony technology provides you with a richer media experience, taking full advantage of sound qualities and sound effects to produce crisper, smoother and louder sounds without distortion.

Our Thoughts

It’s hard not to love the offerings of the Acer Aspire 3 model, with its impressive list of features and technologies. Acer has really considered and provided high-quality features and technologies to create a great computing experience.


The Acer Aspire 3 is the perfect laptop for entry-level gaming and everyday multitasking. The lightweight model comes with memory, speed, visual and sound benefits and with 7 hours of battery life, will keep you going on the go for longer.

3. HP 15q-ds0029TU

HP 15q Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB_1 TB HDD_DOS) 15q-ds0009TU Laptop (15.6 inch, Sparkling Black, 2.04 kg)
  • TrueVision
  • SSD Upgrade
  • 13 Hours Battery Life
  • 2.3 GHz clock speed
  • None


We consider this one of HP’s best models with Intel Core i5-7200U 7th Generation processor, in this price range. The features and functions make it the ideal choice for students and programming.

Memory capacity is impressive with 8 GB of DDR4-2400 RAM, 1 TB 5400rpm HDD and expandable memory of 16 GB. It also has the option for an SSD upgrade with the option to install SSD or Intel Optane memory. Solid-state drive (SSD) is a storage media that can store continuous data on a solid-state flash memory. Compared to the equivalent hard disk drive, which has larger parts and magnetic tape, SSD is 17 times faster, boosting the speed of applications and programs.

The 15.6” BrightView Full HD IPS LED-backlit display and Intel Integrated HD 620 graphics processor with built-in dual speakers, TrueVision HD camera and built-in microphone provide an enjoyable and vibrant visual experience to watch movies, videos and multimedia playback and crystal clear video calling. HP’s TrueVision HD technology is one of the few that provide maximum image quality in low light conditions for a better online experience.

One of the most impressive features has to be the powerful battery life of 13 hours made possible with the long-lasting 3-cell WHr Li-ion fast-charge battery that can charge to 50% in 45 minutes, making it one of the fastest charging batteries available.
Not only does this laptop keep you going for hours so you can easily complete all your work on the go without the hassle of charging your battery, you get optimal speed with a base clock speed of 2.5 GHz and a maximum boost of 3.1 GHz.

Our Thoughts

This HP model is a student’s best friends. Pre-installed with Windows 10 Home and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 will make it much simpler for you to get your work done. Stay connected for longer with visual and audio benefits of the latest technology and fastest charging battery.


If you are a student then we think you have found the perfect match. This laptop is affordable and comes with all the requirements you need to work and enjoy student life or for office and programming use.

4. Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G-5673

Acer Aspire 5 Core i5 7th Gen - (8 GB_1 TB HDD_Windows 10 Home_2 GB Graphics) A515-51G -5673 Laptop (15.6 inch, Obsidian Black, 2 kg)
  • 20 GB expandable memory
  • 3.1 GHz turbo boost
  • 7 Hours battery life
  • Can get 8th generation processor in same price range
  • Only 2 cores


Acer has launched a great quality and affordable Aspire 5 model laptop with Intel Core i5 7200U 7th Generation processor.
It comes with a large storage and memory capacity with 8GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, 2 GB GDDR5 graphics and expandable memory of up to 20 GB and SSD card reader.

Not only does it provide you with optimal storage but it also packs in great speed for faster performance, less lagging and quick time with 2.5 GHz clock speed and a turbo boost of up to 3.1 GHz and 3 MB cache size.

The sleek obsidian black 2 kg design comes with a 15.6” 1920 x 1080 pixel, Full HD Anti-glare TFT display to enhance your visual experience with vibrancy and color contrast benefits. It also comes with a fine tip keypad for added comfort benefits and an independent numeric keypad and international language support. NVIDIA GeForce MX130 adds high-quality graphic capabilities to maximize image quality and performance.

Enjoy staying connected with 7 hours of battery life and HD 720P webcam, built-in microphone and stereo speakers. Audio enhancements are made possible with Acer TrueHarmony Plus Technology for a richer sound quality.
You get added features like a multi-gesture touchpad that can easily be configured for easier navigation and responses.

Our Thoughts

We can’t help but love everything Acer has to offer and notice the careful consideration taken to produce a good quality and highly capable laptop model to perform mid-level tasks and keep you going for day-to-day tasks, either for students or office use. This laptop comes equipped with upgraded versions and technologies to give you that little bit more at an affordable price.


Acer has produced some great models to choose from in this price range and again, this is a great option for students and office use as it comes built with everything you need to make life easier. However, you can still find models with a later processor model in the same price bracket so make sure to research all models to find the best one for your needs.

5. HP 15 DA0300TU

HP 15 DA0300TU 2018 15.6-inch Laptop (8th Gen i5-8250U_4GB_1TB_DOS_Integrated Graphics), Sparkling Black
  • Core i5-8250U 8th Generation
  • Lightweight
  • Less memory


Here we have one of HPs later models with Intel Core i5-8250U 8th Generation processor. Although it is an updated model, it does come with a lower storage of 4GB of DDR4 RAM. However, this shouldn’t cause too many problems as it also comes with 1 TBB 5400rpm HDD and a maximum memory capacity of 16 GB giving you the option to upgrade later.

HP always design sleek and professional-looking models with a premium finish.
The 15.6” display screen comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics processor and 7 hours of battery life to keep you productive, connected and entertained for longer.
Get high-speed with 1.6 GHz and DOS operating system to run programs and perform day-to-day tasks with ease.

Our Thoughts

We feel HP has more to choose from and if you can squeeze in a bit more to your budget then you will get more benefits, even with an earlier model. Although it does come with the latest Intel Core i5-8250U 8th Generation processor, we feel other areas are lacking and can be found in other models.


This laptop does have its own advantages but it would be beneficial to take a look at other models we have highlights to really understand the best features and qualities available in this price range. There will be compromises to be made with specific aspects and understanding your requirements and daily use will help you know which model is best.
This HP laptop is good for basic tasks and entry-level work but may not take you that extra mile.

6. Avita Liber NS14A1IN501P

Avita Liber Core i5 7th Gen - (8 GB_128 GB SSD_Windows 10 Home) NS14A1IN501P Thin and Light Laptop (14 inch, Cloud Silver, 1.46 kg)
  • Extremely lightweight and thin
  • Keyboard comfort and accuracy
  • 128 GB SSD
  • 10 Hours battery life
  • None


Avita is a brand that believes in creating products that reflect the individual consumer, for a highly personal and exciting user experience.
The Avita Liber model is a stunning and stylish design with the thinnest part only measuring 5mm and weighing only 1.46kg, making it a great option for great mobility and on-the-go.

It comes with 8 GB DDR3 of RAM and 128 GB SSD hard disk storage for a seamlessly efficient performance. The Intel Core i5 7th Generation variant 7Y54 comes with a 4 MB cache size, 1.2 GHz base speed and turbo boost of 3.2 GHz for fast performance and loading time.

The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home for easy access to applications and updated software.
The 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD LED-backlit IPS display has a 60 Hz refresh rate and with 10 hours of battery back up, can provide you with a seamless entertaining experience with high-quality vivid imagery with reproduction of original colors and contrast levels and multimedia playback with a dynamic sound range with strong effects and bass with 2 channels and 2 speakers. It also comes with a keyboard is only a feature to consider, designed for maximum comfort and accuracy.

Our Thoughts

We are excited about the Avita Liber and about the refreshing design it brings to the table. It is a brand to keep a lookout for, especially with the high-quality features it has to offer. They have managed to produce a very respectable laptop in this price range and gone beyond design boundaries to produce this ultra-thin lightweight model.


You will not be disappointed but the capabilities of this laptop and it will definitely be a stylish addition to your day-to-day activities and can very easily be carried along with you.

7. HP 15q - ds0009TU

HP 15q Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB_1 TB HDD_DOS) 15q-ds0009TU Laptop (15.6 inch, Sparkling Black, 2.04 kg)
  • 8 GB of 2400rpm RAM
  • 6MB cache size
  • Anti Glare display
  • HP TrueVision
  • HP Audio
  • 13 hours of battery life
  • Slightly heavier


This HP model comes with a later version of Core i5 - 8250U 8th generation processor compared to the HP 15q-ds0029TU Laptop we described earlier. It comes with a DOS operating system, 8 GB of 2400rpm RAM and 1 TB HDD for ample storage and an efficient performance. 1.6 GHz and a turbo boost of 3.4 GHz and 6MB cache size gives a generous amount of speed for quicker loading and boot-up time.

Enjoy an immersive cinematic experience with HP Audio, an advanced sound technology to support all music, video and movie applications. The dual speakers produce deep and rich base for high-quality sound reproduction and with an impressive 13 hours battery to keep you entertained for longer.

HP Truevision HD webcam with low light technology helps you connect with family and friends and with good image quality even in low light conditions.

The 15.6” 1920 x 1080 pixel, anti glare LED-backlit display utilizes all the technology and latest software to produce high-quality imagery without any light reflection problems for better vision.

The laptop is on the heavier side in comparison to other models but still a lightweight contender weighing in at 2.04kg.
The stylish visual strata pattern on the C deck gives a premium feel and finish to the design and complements HP’s vision for producing professional and sophisticated laptops.

Our Thoughts

This upgraded version is definitely packed with the latest and high-quality features for a long-lasting efficient and premium performance. In this price range the benefits outweigh any reservations you may have and it is a mode to consider.


We think this laptop has it all for business, personal and programming usage. It has the storage capacity, technologies and speed to keep up with your multitasking demands and not lacking in capabilities.

8. ASUS R540UB-DM723T

Asus Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB_1 TB HDD_Windows 10 Home_2 GB Graphics) R540UB-DM723T Laptop (15.6 inch, Black, 2 kg)
  • Various technologies
  • Lightweight
  • Core i5-8250U Processor
  • Slightly higher price


ASUS is a brand that excites us for various reasons. Their laptops come with high-quality features and they strive to optimize speed and performance capacity and performance. This model comes with 8 GB of RAM, I TB HDD, 2 GB graphics memory and NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphics processing unit. It has an impressive 15.6” Full HD LCD anti glare display screen for high-quality graphics. The chiclet keyboard oozes comfort with 1.8mm key travel and minimal key float for comfortable and easy typing.

But these are all the features you are familiar with and understand their benefits. What is exciting about ASUS and what they have to offer is the innovative technologies they bring to the party.

SonicMaster Audio technology combines software, tuning, and uses signal-processing to fine-tune the hardware to produce sound clarity by filtering surrounding noise. Various components which include a professional codec, optimized amplifier, big speakers and resonance chambers produces precise audio output with deep bass for a surrounding aural experience.

ASUS AudioWizard offers 5 different modes suitable for different purposes and customizes the audio experience according to content and sound. The five modes are music, recording, gaming, speech, and movie.
ASUS has also taken into account the strain computing can put on our eyes and have introduced ASUS Eye Care Mode which effectively reduces the blue light levels of the LED panels by up to 33% which helps in protecting our eyes from fatigue and providing a more comfortable experience.

Smart Gesture Input technology optimizes accurate input by combining hardware and software. The high-sensitive touchpad allows for smooth and effortless navigation for performing tasks.

ASUS IceCool Technology is an important integration as the unique internal design significantly reduces the chance of the laptop overheating but ensuring temperature control between 28 and 35 degrees.
ASUS Splendid Technology reproduces vibrant, deep and rich colors with temperature correction for an enjoyable visual experience.

Our Thoughts

Although this laptop will cost you a little more, it certainly comes fully loaded with amazing features, technologies, and hardware to give you all you need for multi-tasking, creating and business purposes. ASUS technologies are exciting and have all been designed to optimize and display a high-quality computing experience.


We think this is a laptop to look out for, and not only will its stylish chassis and design catch your eye but it has a lot to offer to enhance performance and computing experience.

9. Lenovo Ideapad 130-151KB

Lenovo Ideapad 130
  • Dolby Audio
  • 1×1 AC Wi-fi
  • Lenovo Companion 3.0
  • Cortana
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Lower resolution


We love ourselves a Lenovo Ideapad laptop! The Ideapad 130 is powered by Intel Core i5-8250U 8th Generation processor and comes with 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB HDD memory storing capacity. It is a reasonably light laptop, weighing 2.1 kg making it a decent portable option and has an extremely thin 22.7mm design with 180 degrees hinge for greater mobility. It has a protective finish to increase durability and reduce chances of wear and tear. The rubber detailing added to the bottom increase ventilation which can increase the life of your laptop.

Integrated with Intel UHD 620 graphics, 6MB cache size, and a base speed of 1.6 GHz with a turbo boost of 3.4 GHz you can perform multiple tasks, including, making presentations, watching videos and utilizing many applications available with the pre-installed Windows 10 Home and Lenovo App Explorer, making it easy to install, browse and discover a wide range of applications.

Optimize your laptop’s performance with the assurity provided by Lenovo Companion 3.0 to easily modify and customize how your systems works. Another exciting feature that comes with Windows 10 Home is the digital assistant Cortana who can help you multitask by performing tasks as per your instructions.

Enjoy an immersive visual experience with vibrant and rich clarity with the 1366 x 758 resolution HD LED-backlit, wide-angle anti glare display which measures 15.6”.

The 1x1 AC Wi-Fi feature will have you connected in no time with a significant change in connectivity speed.
Dolby Audio is an exciting feature which can create a cinematic experience with 2 1.5W Dolby Audio speakers to enhance sound quality and ensure aural details are delivered without distortion. You can also stay connected with family with the HD 720p webcam and built-in microphone.

Our Thoughts

The Ideapad is a great laptop to have and with all the models available, you will be sure to find something that matches your needs. The 130 model is a great choice in this price range for multitasking and entertainment purposes.


You are getting a lot of upgraded features and functions with the Ideapad 130 and a decent amount of memory storage and great connectivity.

10.  ASUS X507

_ASUS X507
  • ASUS IceCool Technology
  • SonicMaster Audio
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow Bezels
  • None


ASUS has given a lot of thought into integrating technologies to improve the user experience. This 1.68 kg ultra-thin laptop comes with 4GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD and integrated Intel graphics and Intel Core i5-8250U 8th Generation processors . It also comes preloaded with Windows 10 operating system.

The ASUS NanoEdge display provides an immersive viewing experience with 8.1mm bezels, creating a 73.8% screen-to-body ratio. The benefits of narrow bezels mean you are utilizing the entire display area for an enhanced cinematic experience.

The laptop comes with a fingerprint sensor which allows you to quickly login and with a 360-degree recognition function increases scanning accuracy. Coupled with Windows Hello, a biometrics-based technology, you can securely authenticate your access, adding security benefits to your device log-in and online access.

ASUS fast-charge technology takes 49 minutes to charge 60% of your battery, drawing more power from a USB-port for a quicker charge.
ASUS has addressed one of the main concerns when using a laptop for longer periods of time which is overheating. The IceCool Technology design which uses smart fan control and thin heat pipes to regulate temperatures to 36-degrees (lower than body temperature) for a robust cooling performance.

SonicMaster Audio technology provides a rich and clear aural experience by fine-tuning the hardware to produce more clarity and sound detail without an interference with surrounding noise.

Our Thoughts

We have always enjoyed exploring the different technologies ASUS has to offer and how they benefit to the overall computing experience. With these innovative additions, you can certainly feel you are getting more than you bargained for in this price range. Their laptops are styling and extremely lightweight as well, making it easier for you to stay connected, entertained and productive while on-the-go.


ASUS has various models available in this price range but we feel ay one you choose will benefit you greatly and you will be able to perform multiple tasks and enjoy many experiences.

Intel Core Processors:

Intel, better known for their processors, are continually producing improved versions and generations, through innovation and challenging the boundaries of modern technology to create the ultimate digital experience for consumers all around the globe.

Why is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) so important? Well, you could say it is the heart of the entire system. The CPU is the main chip in a device which controls how the system performs. It controls how other components run according to instructions given by the running software. You will find a CPU in many devices that are required to run programs, like televisions, smartphones, and desktops.

Let’s cover some of the common aspects that outline the major features in the processor and what they actually mean.

Cores: Don’t you wish you had multiple hands to perform several tasks at the same time? Well, the number of cores basically represents how many tasks can be performed simultaneously and increasing speed while doing so. The cores performance largely depends on the type of programs you are running and the more cores the better for a significant boost in speed. Modern devices will typically have a minimum of two cores but choosing a laptop with a quad-processor or eight cores will benefit you tremendously.

Clock Speed: How fast your system performs is one of the major indicators of the quality of the processor and also a major deciding factor in choosing the right model. These days, running multiple programs for tasks like creating videos, online streaming, and graphics editing, requires multiple programs to run at the same time and also at a significant speed to avoid freezing and lagging.
Look out for a clock speed (measured in gigahertz, represented as GHz) of 1.6 and above. This number will tell you how many calculations a processor can make every second and the higher the number the more calculations it can make.

Model: We have benchmarked Intel Core in our list of laptops but they have introduced different models, like Atom, Xeon, Pentium, Celeron, Itanium, and Quark. Intel Core is their main model with a variation of predecessors for previous generations, making it a difficult decision to decide between the available varieties. However, considering a lower budget, we have highlighted Core i5 7th and 8th generation processors as they are an extremely popular and high-quality option in this price range.

Now that we have outlined important factors about the CPU itself, let’s take a closer look at the features that come with Intel’s Core i5 7th Generation and 8th Generation processors to give you an idea of what each one has to offer. In particular, a few upgrades that can be found in both. This will help you decide on a suitable model, especially in terms of the price difference.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology: All Core i5 generation processors and above are integrated with this technology, to innovatively increase clock speed when necessary. Turbo Boost comes into play, depending on certain factors, like how many active cores are running, the processor’s temperature and how much power is being consumed. This technology will increase speed and create a smoother performance.

Cache Size: The cache size has grown significantly with each generation, allowing more data to be processed at a faster speed. The Random Access Memory (RAM) and CPU can hold frequently used data at a larger scale to perform simple tasks which would take longer if the system has to keep re-reading instructions. The larger the cache size the more memory capacity available for a faster performance. Look out for a cache size of 6MB or more.

Hyper-Threading (HTT or HT): This innovative technology and one of the first major shifts in core count for Intel, allows single cores to perform multiple threads at one time. The main objective of Hyper-Threading is to allow the operating system to address two virtual cores, to simultaneously work with one physical core to share the work and increase performance and work more efficiently by sharing the same execution resources. Have you ever come across people who admire bedding with more thread count? Well, they have good reason; the higher the thread count the softer and more comfortable the material. Similarly, the more cores, the higher number of threads can work together for a high-quality experience.
HTT is available on the latest Intel Core processors so be sure to look out for this feature to see if it is included in the laptop’s processor model.

We have highlighted a number of very reasonable and suitable options for a high-quality, fast performing and portable computing experience.
You will find that brands are not compromising on features and functionalities even in a lower price bracket and are designing some stylish, compact and durable models.

Each brand has innovative technologies integrated into their models to provide you with a bit more oomph and has taken particular concerns into consideration, like IceCool Technology by ASUS to keep your laptop running and performing for longer or HP TrueVision for better image quality in low-light conditions.

Investing in a laptop does not have to be expensive if you can identify your requirements and understand what is available in the market. You will be surprised how much there is to offer.

When you first start looking for what brand or model is best for you, take some time to also consider what is important in a system so that when you are presented with all these exciting features, you can actually understand how they will be useful to you. Otherwise it will be as if we are talking Japanese!

It might also be worth it to note that when you see a minimal price difference, like you will find with the 10 laptops we have talked about, what you are actually getting, as you may find it’s a faster base speed with turbo boost, more RAM, added technologies and even a bigger screen with better resolution. These differences can make a huge impact to your overall computing experience.

You will also find that the bigger brands have their work cut out for them as newer brands are working hard to make a name for themselves in the market. We understand this can make the whole process a tad more confusing and it would be hard for us to only recommend one brand or one model as we can see how the market is growing and how brands are evolving.

But once you have a list of your requirements it’ll make it easier to know if you prefer more memory to a high resolution display screen, or bigger screen to a thinner design or faster connectivity to longer battery backup or even the type of processor you decide is suitable.