The Best Power Banks For Laptops In India

by Nov 21, 2019

The power bank comes in metal finish that gives the device a stylish feel. But, the smooth surface can face issues on some slippery surfaces. This powerbank boasts of an impressive number of connectors. The connectors, power button and status lights are embedded on one side of the powerbank.

The Best Power Banks for Laptops

MAXOAK MKT-K2-50Ah Laptop Power Bank

  • Enormous capacity
  • Elegant finish
  • Large number of connectors
  • Not compatible with Apple devices
  • Very Bulky
  • Cannot be carried on airlines
  • No USB Type-C support


The MaxOak K2 is a fine example of technological wizardry that’s worth the value. This power bank for laptop comes with50Ah capacity such that it can power business laptops for days on end on a single charge. Named after K2, the second highest mountain in the world, its built actually can be a simili to the peak that KayoMaxtar chose as the 50,000mAh portable laptop battery charger is the largest that is available in the market. With such a capacity, this battery charger has enormous charging capability.In terms of dimensions the K2 measures 207 x 136 x 33mm and weighs 1.28kg. This makes the MAXOAK MKT-K2 heavy like a brick and heavier than several novel ultraportable laptops.

Additional Features

Talking about the sockets, the powerbank comes with one power-in socket along with four white LED lights. With these one can easily gauge the battery capacity that this power bank holds. The power bank also has a big power button, a 12V@2.5A output, a 20V@3A output along with USB ports (4 in number).

Users can get a protective pouch along with a set of 14 laptop adaptors. A microUSB cable and a power cord are also included in the pouch. The connectors can connect to most laptops available in the market. Some of these brands include names like Sony, Samsung, Acer, IBM, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Asus.

The powerbank comes with a number of outputs that include a 20V/3A and 12V/2.5A outputs for laptops and digital cameras along with four USB outputs. The paucity of Quick Charge support is nullified by these USB outputs having a capacity of 2.1A (10.5W). Hence, instead of charging single gadget several times, one could charge multiple devices a number of times, therein keeping them charged for longer durations away from the mains.

Talking about aesthetics, the Maxoak has an elegant design showcasing a gunmetal grey strong outer case along with gloss black stripes down on either side. Moreover, the ABS plastic end caps don’t take away for the uber cool look. This device can easily merge into any classy business ambience.


The MAXOAK MKT-K2-50Ah Laptop Power Bank is a boon to business persons. However, its huge battery capacity can be problematic while travelling as many airlines have restrictions on battery capacities. Also, this device is not compatible with Apple devices and is also very bulky to carry. An inclusion of an integrated cable, an LCD for displaying the amount of charge left, a speedy charging facility and an emergency light can make this device more likeable. This powerbank is not meant for charging smartphones and tablets but business laptops that can function for days together without the need to charge at plug socket.

Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage Laptop Power Bank

  • Light weight
  • Smart LEDs that keep track of remaining charge
  • Not much power backup for laptops


Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage Laptop Power Bank is a superior quality power bank manufactured by Wayona. The Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage laptop power bank are made using quality assured material and latest technological innovations, which make these power banks stand out in the crowd. The materials employed in making Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage laptop power bank, are procured from trustworthy and official Power Banks vendors which are selected after conducting through market research. Hence, Wayona brand is known in the market for its high quality products.

Weighing 980 g and powered by lithium polymer battery, this Wayona power bank comes with micro, mini connector. Available in silver and black colours, this Wayona power bank comes with a 6 months warranty period. Having a capacity of more than 500 recharges over its lifetime, this Wayona power bank offers 10 cycles of charge to smartphones or an entire full charge to most laptops. The power bank offers great versatility, thanks to its two outputs.

Additional Features

The Wayona 20000 Mah Power Bank comes with a voltage indicator, power indicator and voltage switch. Talking about input and output ports, this Wayona power bank comes with a Usb Port, a Dc Input along with a Dc output port. One can easily track the remaining power as this Wayona power bank comes with 4 Led indicator lights that can show the remaining leftover power that can come handy during extensive travels. Talking about connectors, the Wayona laptop power bank sports 1 Usb phone cable , 9 laptop connectors, and 1 Dc cable. 1 Ac 100-240v Adapter is also part of the connectivity apparatus.

Other accessories include 1 soft pouch for safety purposes along with a user manual. Having a 20000mah capacity, this Wayona power bank offers an entire charge to many laptops. Alternatively, this power bank can offer approximately 10 cycles of charging to most smartphones. Laced with best quality Lithium polymer battery, this power bank can offer about 500 recharges throughout its lifetime.. Furthermore, the power bank comes with two outputs that ensure great adaptability. If we talk about aesthetics, the Wayona power bank has a slim and elegant aluminum body that promulgates satisfactory heat dissipation. Weighing about 980 g, the Wayona power bank is lightweight and durable. Moreover, 4 Smart Leds keeps the users updated on the amount of charge left in the power bank.


The Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage Laptop Power Bank is compatible with smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops. The power bank is good for smartphones and media players. But, when it comes to charging a laptop, this power bank does not live up to its expectations. However, if a laptop is about to die, then surely this power bank can come to its rescue. But, one should not expect long hours of backup or full charge for laptops with this Wayona power bank. All in all, the Wayona power bank is suitable for charging all handheld devices.

45000mAh Power Bank External Battery

CHINAiwo Power Bank External Battery for Laptop_Notebook_Tablet and Smartphone(45000 mAh)
  • Humongous amount of battery capacity
  • Wide compatibility owing to 13 connectors
  • Cannot connect to a MacBook and its connector has to be bought separately


The Sunjack 45000 mAh Power Bank lets you power your laptop, smartphone or tablet and ensures that you never run out of power. Moreover, offering a multi-use all in one charge, the SunJack power bank offers wide compatibility and can power laptops from a range of brands. This Power Bank comes with 11 variad connectors that offer superb compatibility with a wide number of laptops, tablets and smartphones. A 45000mAh Li-Polymer battery offers more than 500 recharges in its entire lifetime. A recharge time of 7 hours to full charge is offered by DC Cable.

However, Macbook connector is not present in the power bank. Users need to adjust the voltage before the cable is plugged into the power bank. The entire package comprises of 1x 45000mah laptop power bank. One USB Cable, one DC Adapter are also included. 13 laptop charge connectors come with this SunJack Power Bank external battery. Moreover, one carrying case along with a user manual and a 12 month convenient warranty are part of the package. However, Macbook connector has to be bought separately.

Additional Features

The SunJack 45000mAh/166.5Wh comes with very high capacity and can charge an iPhone 7 for 22 times. This is not all. This power bank can charge tablets up to 6 times and laptops about 3 times over. One can do full recharges in 7 hours through a DC cable. Alternatively, one can also recharge through a micro USB. However, about 23 hours are taken by the power bank through this mode.
If we talk about output ports then this SunJack power bank comes with 3 output ports, namely one 3A 12V/16V/20V for laptops and digital cameras, another one 5V/2.1A along with a single 5V/1A for most USB powered gadgets like smartphones, i pads and tablets. Furthermore, this SunJack power bank can offer recharge to several devices at the same time.

The SunJack power bank external battery is quite lightweight and easy to carry around. This power bank external battery weighs below 2lbs. Moreover, it is more compact and lightweight than many other batteries of a same size. The power bank external battery can be packed in an easy and convenient carrying case.

The Sunjack power bank external battery offers a wide compatibility with a DC output offering 20V, 16V and 12V at 3A Max. One of the highlights of this external battery is its connectivity. This power bank external battery comes with 13 different connectors which are compatible with several laptops and notebooks likeSamsung, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP and more.


The SunJack Power Bank external battery has humongous battery capacity and is good for anyone who is always on the move. With about 13 connecters, this device offers a wide connectivity and can connect and charge a plethora of devices such as tablets, notebooks, laptops and smartphones from different brands like Sony, Asus, Acer, Lenovo etc. entailing versatility to the device. Moreover, the metal case is good. The size of the external battery is also fine. The power bank works well when the need arises. However, it does not power the Mackie. But, overall, the SunJack 45000mAh Power Bank External Battery can be considered as the best power bank for laptop in India.

YouVogue Portable External Power Bank for Laptop

  • Enormous battery capacity
  • Safety guarantee while charging
  • Wide compatibility
  • Automobile ignition function wherein car battery can be charged
  • Sometimes charges slowly especially for laptops


This laptop power bank comes with humongous capacity of 20,000 mAh battery. It comes with optional voltage of 5, 7.4, 9, 12, 14.5, 16, 19V wherein you can charge different laptops through different charging connectors. Hence, one can recharge laptops and tablets of various brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and more brands with this portable external power bank from YouVogue.

It has huge 20,000 mAh battery capacity to charge laptops. The huge battery capacity supports a plethora of devices such as mobile phones, routers, monitors and more such gadgets. The YouVogue power bank has a life span of more than 800 recharges and takes about 5 to 10 hours to charge a device. Made up of ABS+PC material, this power bank is available in Black and White colour. The package contains a 20,000 mAh power bank, connectors, adaptors and a storage bag. Moreover, an 18 month warranty period covers all expenses on account of any manufacturing defects.

Additional Features

The YouVogue portable external power bank comes with a capacity of 20,000 mah, that offers fast, robust and durable power charging for gadgets. Furthermore, a digital power voltage display is present in the power bank offering a 7 voltage regulation. The voltage has to be adjusted as per the different devices that need to be charged. Moreover, 10 different adapters for charging itself. For instance, 5V is suitable for phones, iPads/Tablets and MP3, MP4 audio players while the 7.4V can charge SLR Cameras. A 9V is suitable for Routers while a 12V can go well with Monitors and Portable Hard Drives. Furthermore, 45W Apple Notebooks and Electronic Organs can be charged with 14 V while a 16V is good enough for 65W Apple Notebooks and Electronic Organs. Moreover, Microsoft Tablets and 85W Apple Notebooks can be charged using 19V. However, one needs to check the actual output voltage before selecting voltage for the device to be charged.

Furthermore, the power bank itself can be charged using 10 different adaptors. While charging any device, the power bank offers foolproof protection against short circuit and over charge/discharge. Moreover, overvoltage and overcurrent are also taken care of. This YouVogue power bank is primarily designed to charge tablets and laptops. However, if a user wishes to charge phones, then one has to select the USB port and utilise one’s own USB charging cable. Regarding using the product, one has to press the on/off button for the device to be used. If the USB ports are not connected to any gadgets, then the power bank will shut down automatically.

When the power bank is pressed on, the variant voltages can be accessed by short button presses. When it comes to output, after one selects the appropriate voltage, the device needs to be connected to the correct connector and Voila ! the device is now ready to charge !


The YouVogue portable external power bank for laptop is a robust device that has wide compatibility. With a number of voltages to choose from, this power bank can charge a number of devices. Displaying high capacity of 20,000 mAh, this power bank is mainly built to charge laptops and tablets. To sum it all up, the YouVogue portable external power bank is the best power bank for laptop.

How to choose a Power Bank?

Power Bank has now become an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, most people use a power bank to charge their mobiles. But, very few people have the awareness that power banks can also be used to charge laptops. Such power banks for laptops are generally needed by people on the go or the business jet-setters who need a reliable power backup even when they are not in office. Before delving further, one needs to understand that a laptop requires a high voltage output when compared to smartphones. Hence, the power bank should be loaded with compatible features to charge it. One such feature is having enough capacity to charge the laptop. This way the power bank can offer considerable backup.

Capacity: When looking for a portable laptop battery charger, one of your major concerns should be its capacity to store energy which is measured in mAh which explains the gadget’s battery life before it can be recharged. One needs to confirm that the battery has equal or more capacity than the gadget that needs to be charged so that you can get a full charge. Power banks need to be of at least 10,000 mAh to fully charge a laptop.

Size: Generally, a higher capacity power banks typically used to charge laptops also tend to be more bulky and carry a hefty price tag. However, in the end, it all depends on your needs which helps you to decide if you can have a trade off between power and portability.

Output: The power bank for a laptop needs to have an output equal to or higher than the wattage of a typical laptop charger. Moreover, for charging laptops, the power bank needs to have a higher voltage output 16V to 20V that further depends on laptop specifications. Also, portable chargers that come with DC output can also help. Also, having a full sized AC outlet for powering laptops takes care of compatible connector tips.

Ports: It is of utmost importance to check whether your laptop can easily plug into the portable charger. Availability of a USB type C port is a requisite in power banks if used to charge laptops. Furthermore, premium portable chargers come with a variety of cables which are detachable and you can switch them to charge a variety of devices.

The above considerations can be kept in mind before one goes about scouting for a suitable power bank for laptop.